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Lemar chooses Sensil ByNature

Innovative fabric collection improves apparel’s sustainability profile.

8th March 2023

Knitting Industry
 |  Migdal Haemek, Israel


Portuguese textile group Lemar, a leader in fashion and sportswear since 1939, has developed an innovative fabric collection with Sensil ByNature, the new premium nylon 6.6 fibre produced by Nilit.

According to Nilit, the next-generation fabrics push the boundaries of sustainability in textiles, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and carbon footprint, and promote the use of renewable raw materials.

The collaboration began with the collection for Spring/Summer 2024, presented at Milano Unica and Première Vision Paris, with crisp, light and opaque fabrics developed in fresh and bold colours that are elegant and sophisticated. The fabrics are suitable for eveningwear, swimwear and ‘uppercasual’, made entirely in Europe.

Nilit describes the collection as a revolutionary project that takes the concept of sustainability to the next level. Using a certified Biomass Balance (BMB) material, which BASF pioneered, the technology replaces fossil raw materials with renewable ones. The technology is said to considerably improve a garment’s Product Carbon Footprint and takes the apparel industry closer to a more sustainable position.

Compared to conventional Nylon yarn made from fossil feedstock, in this approach renewable resources such as biogas derived from waste is used as a feedstock in the very first steps of the production process. The bio feedstock amount is then allocated to specific products sold by means of the certified method.

ISCCplus certified innovation Sensil ByNature reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decreases dependence on non-renewable resources, says Nilit. Clothing made with Sensil ByNature fabrics offers consumers a meaningful way to help reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining exactly the same comfort, performance and durability they expect and get from Sensil brand products today, the company adds.

The new collection for Spring/Summer 2024, was presented at Milano Unica and Première Vision Paris. © Nilit

“Sensil ByNature is a ground-breaking innovation in premium Nylon 6.6,” says Sagee Aran, Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer at Nilit. “Sensil ByNature will significantly reduce carbon footprint while providing the highest quality man-made fibre for apparel. This is the kind of radical product development that the textile industry requires to effectively and quickly reduce its environmental impact and move to a more responsible position in the global marketplace.”

"Our commitment to sustainability brings us to a milestone today," says Manuela Araújo, CEO of Lemar. "With the introduction of Sensil ByNature to our bouquet of sustainable fabrics, the goal is to target customers who really want to approach a new, respectful and conscious lifestyle. Sensil ByNature presents the opportunity to produce all types of Nylon 6.6 fabrics we have, but now with a more sustainable approach, keeping exactly the same product performance, soft touch and longevity our customers are used to getting. It is the right choice for the evolution of our green attitude."

Exceptionally durable and wear-resistant products can be repurposed and recycled for additional contributions to textile sustainability and circularity, in later stages of the garment life cycle, when no longer wanted. Sensil ByNature yarns are certified as not harmful to human health according to Oeko-Tex standards.

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