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22nd June 2012, Shanghai

Lonati introduces 'S by S' double cylinder machines

The world’s leading manufacturer of socks and hosiery knitting machines Lonati, showed its latest innovations for Asian producers at last week’s ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 in Shanghai. The Brescia headquartered company which produces around 8000 machines per year showed no fewer than 14 different machines many of which were either new or updated models.

Lonati exhibited 3 double cylinder socks machines, 6 single cylinder socks machines and 5 single cylinder pantyhose machines but the most significant Lonati innovation in Shanghai was the launch of a new double cylinder machine fitted with the Italian company’s SbyS (stitch by stitch) toe closing device. Until now the SbyS technology, which Lonati introduced in 2008, has only been available on single cylinder machines.

'S by S' double cylinder

The new DC88  byS with mono-magnetic selection (no actuators – for fast accurate needle selection and with fewer moving parts) was shown in two variants – 3 ¾” x 168 needles and 3 ¾” x 200 needles – for the productions of men’s and children’s rib and links-links socks.

Lonati’s SbyS technology replaced the company’s ‘Closed Toe’ linking system where the linking operation is performed by the knitting machine itself. The SbyS system has revolutionized the way men’s socks are made and SbyS models now account for around 70% of all Lonati sales.

The beauty of the SbyS system compared to other toe closing machines is that the toe linking device is completely separate from the knitting machine and this makes for a mechanically robust and reliable linking system.

Marco Pedrini, Lonati Service Supervisor for Asian markets told Knitting Industry that the company already has orders for the new double cylinder SbyS models.

Also new from Lonati in Shanghai was the GOAL series GL611F simplified single cylinder machine in 3 ¼” x 168 needles with SbyS. The single feed single colour machine is designed for the production of men’s and children’s socks.


Another Lonati innovation on show, although not for the first time, was the LA 08MJ 4” x 400 needles, 4 feed single cylinder machine for the production of pantyhose and knee-highs in baguette pattern, tucked mesh, jacquard and laid-in piquet effect.

The machine is an electro-pneumatic single cylinder, 4-feed machine with 2 needle-by-needle selection units on each feed  (tuck and  clearing position – 8 in total) for the production of pantyhose and high-knee socks in baguette pattern - tucked mesh,  jacquard and laid-in piquet effect

Five yarn fingers with dual pneumatic control are available on each feed plus 1 plating motorized yarn finger for angular movement and 2 pneumatic controls for setting height and depth. Stitch cams are controlled by step motors to tighten or loosen the fabric gradually or in any selected area of the garments.


Also amongst the new generation of machines was also Lonati’s four feed 4”x 288 needles LA04JS jacquard pantyhose machine with one actuator per feed. The machine has specially designed cams and needles suited to the manufacturing of cotton and natural fibres pantyhose.


Another recent innovation on show in Asia for the first time was the LA5T electro-pneumatic single cylinder, 4-feed machine for the production of extra large pantyhose and leggings (5” diameter) in plain fabric and/or terry in 1x1 and 3x1 fixed mesh on 4 feeds, covered Lycra plating, plating on 4 feeds, size marks, with pneumatic selection on all feeds.

The machine on show was knitting legwarmers with terry cotton above the thigh for comfort and insulation. Lonati has already sold such machines in Japan, Korea and China. The LA5T model is a standard machine with new sinker and sinker cap developed specifically for the application.


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