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24th June 2016, Brescia, Italy

Lonati receives EUR 40 million order from Uzbekistan based socks company

Lonati has signed a EUR 40 million contract with Uztex, a leader in the production of socks in Uzbekistan. © Lonati Lonati, the world’s leading manufacturer of socks machinery, has signed a EUR 40 million contract with Uztex, a leader in the production of socks and a company that claims to output 30% of Uzbekistan’s textile production, for the supply of 1,024 machines.

The contract, signed in Zurich last month, is one of the largest orders in the history of the Brescia based textile machinery manufacturer. The delivery of the equipment is scheduled to take place at the end of 2016 and in the beginning of 2017. The deal also involves sock finishing lines manufactured by Tecnopea, the Lonati Group’s company specializing in automated machines for ironing and packaging of socks.

“Being selected by a company like Uztex as a partner for their new project for the production of men’s socks for the Russian market is a source of satisfaction and pride,” said Ettore Lonati, President of the Brescia Group.

Latest in series of orders

This order is the latest in a series of large orders received by the Italian company from Uzbek, which since 2015 has entered into a number of agreements for the supply of more than 1,000 of the latest generation automatic closed toe socks knitting machines, bringing to 2,064 the overall share of total equipment purchased.

The negotiations with Uztex, which was founded in 2007 and can spin 11,000 tons of cotton a year at its two plants in Tashkent and Shovot, began four years ago, with first meetings held in Uzbekistan, Italy and Turkey. They were followed by the closer assessment of the product to meet the real needs of the customer, the company reports.

Growth and expansion

Uztex has grown considerably over the years. Two years since its foundation, the company expanded with Uztex Chirchik for the production capacity of 11,000 tons of dyed yarns and fabrics per year.

Since 2010, a new department was formed for packaging 12 million items of clothing and in 2016 a new plant in Namangan was installed for the production of 7,000 tons of towelling material per year. In 2015 the company also doubled the Shovot site, which can now produce 8,000 tons of combed yarn per year.


Lonati, founded in 1946, is today the world's leading manufacturer of men's and women's hosiery machines, with about 8,000 machines produced each year, exported to over 60 countries. Some of the most important markets for Lonati are China, Turkey, Pakistan, Central America and USA.

The company is part of the Lonati Group, as well as Santoni, a leading producer of large diameter seamless machines, Dinema, specialising in design and implementation of hardware and software for textile machines, and Tecnopea, a producer of automatic machines for finishing and packaging of socks.

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