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Maglificio Pini returns to KnitClub

Knitwear manufacturer takes important opportunity to showcase expertise and talk about concrete actions in sustainability and innovation at Pitti Filati.

23rd June 2023

Knitting Industry
 |  Forl√¨ (FC), Italy


Italian knitwear manufacturer Maglificio Pini, has been participating at Pitti Filati’s KnitClub since the very first edition, where quality knitwear producers are the heroes. It is in fact within KnitClub that buyers, designers and style offices of the most famous international fashion brands can discover creativity, craftmanship and the excellence of Made in Italy, the Forli based company says.

“Over the years, Maglifico Pini has always exhibited key garments that best represent the company’s know- how, expertise and professionalism,” comments head of sales Martina Pini. “At Pitti Filati 93, Maglificio Pini will present some creations that take inspiration from Kintsugi, the Eastern art of repairing with gold, literally “the art of repairing with gold”. Just as pottery shards welded together with precious metal can bring back to life a shattered object, so human wounds can heal themselves.”

“Thus, from what is not just a restoration technique but a refines art and a true cathartic path, comes the inspiration for the collection that Maglificio Pini presents at Pitti Filati,” Martina Pini explains. “Clothes no longer represent either a simple accessory or a dictate imposed by fashion houses, but rather become a symbol of identity. In Maglificio Pini’s creations, the refined Japanese technique takes shape in the patchworks applied to the yarns and stitches, as well as to the construction of the garments: thus, elements that are only apparently antithetical come together in harmony, welcoming styles that enhance the wearer’s individuality and originality.”

Maglificio Pini will also grasp the opportunity at Pitti Filati to talk to its stakeholders about the innovation and sustainability projects implemented by the second Pini generation, currently leading the company.

To ensure that it does not come across as an abstract concept, distant from everyday reality, it is necessary to remember that sustainability is one of the main drivers of innovation and a core value of the Romagna-based knitwear factory. Maglificio Pini has therefore decided to integrate sustainability into different aspects of its daily business life - the sustainable use of resources, the training of specialised figures in the knitwear field, support for employees and social development projects.

“Thus, Maglifico Pini not only produces high-quality garments, but also contributes to social and environmental progress, creating a sustainable future for all of us and for those who will live in our future,” Martina Pini concludes.

Maglificio Pini will be at the Pitti Filati KnitClub, on stand K/9, from 28-30 June 2023.

For more information, please contact Martina Pini at [email protected].

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