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25th March 2020, Spino d'Adda (CR), Italy

Maglificio Ripa in the front line against corona virus

© Maglificio Ripa.

© Maglificio Ripa.

Maglificio Ripa, a circular knitted fabrics manufacturer from Italy’s Lombardy region, which has been in operation in the province of Cremona since 1952, has developed three special fabrics for the creation of innovative protective masks for civil use. The Cremona area is among the most affected by the corona pandemic.

“We immediately took action to help in the fight against this terrible pandemic,” says Luca Bianco, director of Maglificio Ripa.

© Maglificio Ripa.

© Maglificio Ripa.

“With the design of three special fabrics that are safe and high performing, thanks to a special certified treatment, for the realization of protective masks. In cotton, polyester or polymer fabric, they ensure total comfort, are antibacterial, water-repellent, breathable, washable, and Oeko-Tex certified,” adds Luca.

“So far we have carried out the tests within our company and we are currently waiting for certification which is very important for us to ensure an excellent and safe product under every aspect for those customers of ours who have in the meantime converted their productions,” Mr Bianco concludes.


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