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Mare D’Amare reveals beachwear trends for Summer 2017

The Italian beachwear event will host over 200 brands, which will offer a preview of their 2017 summer beachwear and accessories collections.

29th June 2016

Knitting Industry
 |  Florence

Swimwear/​Beachwear, Collections, Colours/​Trends

Mare D’Amare, in collaboration with the trends researchers 5FORECASTORE, will present the latest beachwear fashion trends and novelties for Summer 2017 from 23-25 July in Florence, Italy, based on an in-depth investigation.

The ninth edition of the Italian beachwear trade fair will host more than 200 brands, which will offer a preview of their 2017 summer beachwear and accessories collections.


The Bourgeoise trend theme will introduce a genuine femininity. The sexy and sophisticated, adult and mindful style will be compensated by a more relaxed and light-hearted charm, organisers report.

Bourgeoise colour theme. © Mare D’Amare

The mood stems from the French high-society scenery, featuring garden and poolside parties, as well as a pop, ironical and elegant touch, added to take us back to the ‘60s up the ‘90s.


Flamboyant instead will be characterised by the longing for spontaneity against more standardized fashion, while delivering a happy, lively, generous, lush and exuberant combination of materials, colours and prints, inspired by the spirit and energy of the countries in the Southern hemisphere.

Flamboyant colour theme. © Mare D’Amare

The do-it-yourself art, as well as the creative recycling and the richness of the hand-made, are used to recover ancestral techniques and primitive graphic patterns.


Impression has originated from the idea of psycho-physical wellness: serenity will be the new state of mind that will encourage a more modern and active lifestyle, according to organisers.

“The human skin is the basic element for a style that comes closer and closer to the underwear and sportswear universe, while generating a hybrid between underwear and swimwear, something like swintimates,” organisers explain.

Impression colour theme. © Mare D’Amare

The four senses are explored along with a special attention devoted to the biological nature of things, which will translate into pure and essential forms, as well as various textures.


Finally, the Survivalist theme will focus on the sea as the main source of inspiration, with its iridescent surface and the game of lights and shadows.

Survivalist colour theme. © Mare D’Amare

The theme will be reminiscent of a fancy, futuristic and artificial atoll, an escape island, exploring the dimensions and colours of the water.

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