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3rd November 2016, Cannes

MarediModa reveals trends for Spring/Summer 2018

MarediModa Cannes, an international trade show dedicated to textiles and accessories for beachwear and underwear, which will take place from 8-10 November, has revealed its swimwear and intimates trends for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

Developed by MarediModa trend board featuring WGSN, NABA and David Shah, a leading trend setter, a publisher of VIEW magazine, as well as a trend consultant of major fashion brands, the future trends range from simple patterns and subtle colour palettes, to energetic motives, enriched with deep and intense colours.


Swimwear trends for Spring/Summer 2018 are split into four main topics. The Radical Honesty trend embraces diversity by showing an unconventional and non-stereotyped aesthetic. This trend emulates the redefinition of unisex and genderless swimwear, as well as a new femininity. Featuring simple shapes and graphic lines, as well as geometric and arty collaged patterns, this theme is realised through soft, sustainable and comforting materials, and subtle colours, with deep rusted orange and soft apricot highlights.

Radical Honesty. © MarediModa

Sporty Activist is an energetic, innovative and sophisticated theme, which takes inspiration from the blurring lines between swimwear and activewear. Bold prints, geometric patterns and intense colour blocking reflect the concept of a high-tech and sporty performance infused with an edgy and fun energy. Innovative fabrics and new design techniques provide this S/S 2018 trend with an inspiring look, where vibrant and enlightened colours meet structured and architectural lines.

Deep Glamour. © MarediModa

Deep Glamour explores a new romantic and ultra-glamourous aesthetic infused by a mix of heritage inspiration and contemporary drama for S/S 2018. The colours are deep and intense, telling the story of a luxurious decadence where historical references meet ultra-modern aesthetic rules. Bold decorative prints are combined with 70's inspired geometric patterns and dark floral potpourri, embracing a new kitsch and romantic attitude played with soft and fluid swimwear fabrics with refined details and finishes.

Gipset Swim. © MarediModa

Finally, Gypset Swim merges a 1970s boho style with high-summer glamour, reflecting a carefree and light-hearted story for S/S 2018. Navajo prints join forces with tropical flora to juxtapose creative cultures and folklores into one multi-cultural aesthetic melting-pot. A joyful and fresh colour palette celebrates a tutti-frutti blend with a yellow citrus mixed with purple and pink berries tones and nectarine accent.


Intimates trends for the 2018 Spring/Summer season are divided into two topics. The first one, Girl Gang reinvents the 1990s aesthetic into a feminist-inspired story for lingerie, embraced by a new generation of young women raising their voices. Highlighting a graphic, bold and fresh aesthetic, this trend also makes the most of a new arty-girly aesthetic mixed with genderless and androgynous references. For this S/S 2018 cool trend, graphics take feisty, confident and activist messaging to create a new wave of artistic language.

Precious. © MarediModa

The second trend, Precious, explores a new version of a lingerie story inspired by boudoir styles and a luxurious aesthetic. Minimal and graphic, this trend reinvents sophistication in a contemporary and way. A cosmetic-inspired colour palette clashes with graphic and digital prints played in subtlety with transparency and soft layering. Peek-a-boo sheers, sophisticated lace and worn out brocade prints are enhanced with the use of rich and tonal tones for a beautifully modern and delicate summer story.



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