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23rd May 2008, Albstadt, Germany

Mayer & Cie. at the ITMA Asia + CITME 2008

The world’s leading manufacturer of circular knitting machines will be represented in Shanghai from July 27 – 31, 2008 on its own trade fair stand with a surface area of over 250 sq. mtr.

The exhibits:

OVJA 2.4 E – the standard in electronic Jacquard production – now even more productive with 92 feeders.

The OVJA machine series is among the world’s most successful electronic circular knitting machines, due largely to its exceptionally high output and flexibility, as well as the use of proven Mayer & Cie. full electronics. This machine’s many benefits have been recognized increasingly over recent years by the mattress industry, making this machine series a unique success story in this specialist market segment.

At the ITMA Asia + CITME 2008, Mayer & Cie. will exhibit the OVJA 2.4 E for the first time with 92 feeders and a diameter of 38“. The performance improvement brought about by the increased number of feeders will be appreciated particularly by mattress manufacturers. Due to its high production output, the OVJA 2.4 with this increased number of feeders will be exhibited in an industrial frame offering capacity for fabric bales of up to 900 mm in diameter.

Electronic individual needle selection in the cylinder transfers any pattern to the machine in just seconds, ensuring full use of the extensive patterning variety with optimum productivity due to short machine resetting times.

OVJA 2.4 E – Data, facts, figures:

All structures through to colour and tuck jacquard including relief patterns.

Cylinder diameter 30“ – 38“

Machine gauges E 18 – E 28

No. of feeders 2.4 per inch (92 feeders with 38“ dia.)

Speeds of up to 0.9 m/s. (23 rpm with 30“)

D4-3.2 Double Jersey: Even higher output with more feeders.

At the ITMA Asia + CITME 2008 Mayer & Cie. will be exhibiting version D4-3.2 from its successful D4 machine series with 3.2 feeders per inch in gauge E 24 and a 30“ diameter with a standard frame. The basic version of this machine is supplied with 2 needle types in the dial and cylinder cam, although it is designed to accommodate 4 needle tracks in the cylinder cam and is consequently capable of being upgraded if required.

The D4-3.2 knits all popularly required double jersey structures and interlock, such as double face, punto di Roma and Milano rib with a high output of 3.2 feeders per inch at speeds of up to 1.4 m/s.

The D4-3.2 is equipped as standard with low-wear ceramic yarn feeders.

A new Quick-Change version is available for fast gauge changeover. This permits the dial to be centred into position from above. This substantially simplifies the gauge change process and drastically cuts resetting times.

D4-3.2 – Data, facts, figures:

Interlock and all popular double jersey structures.

Cylinder diameter 30“ – 38“

Machine gauges E 18 – E 32

No. of feeders 3.2 per inch (96 feeders with 30“)

Speeds of up to 1.4 m/s. (35 rpm with 30“)

Single jersey with the S4 machine series – always the right machine.

The S4 machine series encompasses the S4-3.2 for single jersey, 2 – 4-needle structures and single plated, the SF4-3.2 for 3-thread fleece and 4-needle structures and the S4-3.2 R for fashion stripes.

Thanks to the modular design system used throughout, all the single jersey machines of the S4 series can be converted to either of the other versions. The S4-3.2 R, for instance, can be converted from the striping version to the basic version S4-3.2. Depending on the order situation, this means that either fashion stripes or basic fabrics can be produced at a high output from 3.2 feeders per inch.

The S4-3.2 R is being exhibited at the ITMA Asia + CITME 2008 in gauge E 24 with a 30“ diameter and will feature a standard frame. It knits fashion stripes with up to 4 colours over 1.6 feeders per inch, benefiting from Mayer & Cie. striping technology which has been proven in practical application thousands of times over. The ingeniously simple mechanical functional sequence operates with absolute reliability, requiring only minimal maintenance work.

The extreme flexibility of this striping machine is due to its facility for replacing the striping miss-knit feeders with knitting feeders. Following this simple conversion, the S4-3.2 R is transformed into a high-performance single jersey machine with 3.2 feeders per inch for single jersey production in 2 – 4 needle structures as well as single jersey plated. A Quick-Change gauge changeover can be performed with extreme simplicity for maximum time savings, as in the striping version the striping attachments can remain in position.

S4-3.2 R – Data, facts, figures.

Striped single jersey fabrics and single jersey in 2 and 4-needle structures

Cylinder diameter 30“ – 34“

Machine gauges E 18 – E 32, E 36

No. of feeders 1.6 / 3.2 per inch (48/96 fds. with 30“)

Speeds of up to 0.9 / 1.4 m/s (22/35 rpm with 30“)

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