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Circular Knitting

Mayer & Cie.’s enters limelight

Leading circular knitting machine builder starts promotional campaign for its web shop.

20th December 2023

Knitting Industry
 |  Albstadt, Germany

Knitted Outerwear

Circular knitting machine manufacturer Mayer & Cie. has just started a promotional campaign for, the company’s web shop for parts, consumables and machine components.

In 13 short videos, the company will present the shop’s benefits in an unexpected way. Every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mayer & Cie. will share two videos on YouTube and its social media accounts. Starting with a teaser right before Christmas, the campaign will unfold in January and February 2024.  

Web shop with numerous benefits

Mayer & Cie. has attached great importance to the quality and performance of its circular knitting machines over a long period of time. This requires the right spare and wear parts, guaranteed to be compatible and quickly to hand. With its web shop called, Mayer & Cie. ensures that this the case – without any closing times.

© Mayer & Cie.

“With, we want to make life as easy as possible for our customers,” says Sebastian Mayer, Chief Digital Officer at Mayer & Cie. To this end, there are three ‘shortcuts’ for a knitter to find the desired parts. The first one is searching by the serial number. In case the number is not at hand, there is also a free text search. Furthermore, searching and finding can be done by machine family.

Registered machines function for fast results

“The fastest and most fail safe way to make your shopping efficient is registering your machine at,” recommends Sebastian Mayer. Once the machine is filed with its machine number, the Mayer & Cie. web shop knows not only the model and make but all the special features and specifications of the machine. The customer can therefore only order parts that really fit. This is not only good news for the time budget - but also for the environment that benefits from fewer useless shipments being sent around the globe.

Customer retention programme

“We value our regular customers highly,” says Sebastian Mayer. That is why the company has set up a customer retention programme called my.loyaltyclub. Users who frequently order machine components, consumables or upgrade kits can benefit from a discount of up to 10%, depending on their previous year’s order volume. The first of five discount rates equals 2% on annual orders of more than € 2,000. The highest rate is 10% on orders from an annual total of € 162,000. Upon registration at my.loyaltyclub, users receive a voucher worth € 50, redeemable in the web shop.

A knitter’s best friend

To make more widely known amongst its customers, Mayer & Cie. will start its campaign based on more than a dozen short video clips involving dogs, racing cars and donuts.

“We are happy to present to a wide audience and are excited to use an angle we haven’t adopted so far,” concludes Sebastian Mayer.

© Mayer & Cie.

Mayer & Cie. is a world-leading manufacturer of circular knitting machines. The company offers the full range of machines needed to manufacture modern textiles: from fabrics for domestic textiles, sportswear, nightwear and bathing attire, seat covers and underwear to technical textiles.

In addition, Mayer & Cie. regularly develops new approaches. Since 2019 the manufacture of braiding machines has complemented Mayer & Cie.’s portfolio of services. They serve to produce sheathing for hydraulic hoses used, for example, in aviation, the automobile industry or for other special niche applications.

Founded in 1905, Mayer & Cie. earned 2022 sales revenue of approximately € 110 million (preliminary figures) with a payroll of about 450 employees, including around 350 in Albstadt. In addition to its headquarters in Albstadt, Germany, and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and China, Mayer & Cie. is represented by its circular knitting machine and braiding machine sales partners in about 80 countries.

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