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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

17th August 2011, Dornstetten

Memminger-Iro to showcase latest developments in Barcelona

When it comes to leading-edge processing technology for yarn feeding, control systems and lubrication technology for knitting machines, Memminger-Iro is still a market leader. The German company will be showcasing its latest technologies and products at next month's ITMA in Barcelona.

Yarn Sensor MISThe following Memminger-Iro products will be showcased.

Yarn Sensor MIS

According to Memminger-Iro, the MIS self learning sensor system permanently controls all yarns on knitting machines and can be applied to all kind of yarns. MIS is said to persuade with the following features:

  • Detects 3 yarn statuses: moving, stand still and present yarns
  • Checks before the knitting cycle if all necessary yarns are present, otherwise the knitting cycle cannot be started. This, Memminger-Iro says results in a dramatic increase of the machine efficiency and in addition costs arising in connection with material wastage are reduced dramatically
  • The sensor has very fast reaction times and can also therefore be used to monitor small patterns. Control rows at and the end of the knitting cycle are no longer necessary.

Spray Lubricator PJ ELF


Spray Lubricator PJ ELF

PJ ELF is the latest development of the well know UNIWAVE spray lubricator. Memminger-Iro says that due to a brand new technology the air consumption of this new PJ ELF is 30-50% lower than existing spray oilers on the market, which leads to a tremendous reduction in maintenance costs. Special nozzles are said to reduce oil fog in the knitting room to a minimum and the focus is on easy handling combined with integrating many functional control devices such as  pressure switch and relief valve.

Knitting machine controller NAVIGATOR

Knitting machine controller NAVIGATORThe NAVIGATOR is a modular system designed to run a large diameter knitting machine. Memminger-Iro can supply the controller and distribution board only as the minimum configuration or the complete set which incorporates additionally all cables, push buttons, inverter, power unit and other parts.

The main idea is to implement all machine parts from the feeders to the take down system into one machine controller designed by Memminger-Iro. The main features are:

  • Can be fitted to new machines and second hand machines
  • Quick installation through ‘plug and play'
  • User friendly menu
  • Integrated connection of several Memminger-Iro products e.g. lubricator, fabric scanner, yarn consumption control unit, motor drive belt system and others
  • The machine controller can be installed on any large diameter circular knitting machine. Memminger-Iro says that if all machines in a knitting room are equipped with this kind of machine controller, it is very convenient for the knitting machine operator due to only having one system instead of several different systems


Needle controller MNC 2

MNC 2 detects broken or bent needles on large diameter circular knitting machines. The system can be adapted on machines up to 44 gauge with a speed factor of 1500. It aims to reduce second grade fabric because the optical sensor stops the machine immediately in case of broken or bent needles.


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