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Circular Knitting

Monarch M-LEC7BS gains ground in Turkey and Europe

Electronic double jersey circular knitting machine features standout RDS system.

27th October 2023

Knitting Industry
 |  Leicester, United Kingdom

Knitted Outerwear, Household

Monarch Knitting Machinery reports that its highly versatile M-LEC7BS, a 72-feed double jersey electronic circular knitting machine, has gained a strong presence in the Turkish and European markets, earning the satisfaction of numerous customers.

The M-LEC7BS features a true 3-way selection (knit, tuck, welt) on the cylinder and a 2-race RDS (Rotary Drop System) setup on the dial.

© Monarch Knitting Machinery (International)

One of the machine’s standout features is the RDS system's flexibility, which allows users to swiftly and efficiently create multiple fabric structures on the dial without the need to remove any cam box sections or elements. All adjustments on the RDS system can be easily made using the provided cam wrench tool from the exterior of the cam box.

© Monarch Knitting Machinery (International)

The machine is proficient in knitting fabrics in both rib and interlock gating, making it suitable for home textiles, mattress ticking, sportswear, outerwear, and lingerie fabrics. Additionally, users have the option to select a spacer kit or loop kit, which provides even more flexibility in knitting options.

© Monarch Knitting Machinery (International)

Machine specifications

Diameter range: 30"-38"

Gauge range: 18G-36G

Fabric potential: jacquard, reversible, spacer, blister, mock mesh, small structures.

End Uses: home textiles, mattress ticking, sportswear, outerwear, lingerie.

Aerial view of Monarch’s M-LEC7BS. © Monarch Knitting Machinery (International)

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