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Myant reveals farsighted expansion and innovation strategy

Canadian pioneer unveils future strategic direction through introduction of three distinct entities - MyantX, Myant Health and Myant Ventures.

21st March 2024

Knitting Industry
 |  Mississauga, Canada

Technical Textiles

Toronto based Myant Corp is at the forefront of advancing science, technology, and innovation to address fundamental questions shaping our future and empowering societal change. Myant envisages human-centred innovations working harmoniously with our environment contributing to an equitable and sustainable society while enhancing and augmenting the human experience on our planet and beyond.

On 30 June 2023, Myant proudly announced its acquisition of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, renowned for pioneering advanced material technologies that power real-world commercial solutions across diverse industries. Myant says this strategic move catapulted it into a realm of unprecedented opportunity, poised to revolutionise smart textile computing, advanced material solutions and redefine human connectivity within the digital sphere.

Following the seamless integration of the two leaders in breakthrough developments, Myant unveils its future strategic direction through the introduction of three distinct entities: MyantX, Myant Health and Myant Ventures. Together, these entities form a triumvirate dedicated to unleashing the full potential of innovation into the market, the Canadian company says.


“MyantX emerges as our critical technology innovation hub, offering end-to-end, full-stack integrated solutions which deliver the enabling power and value-added differentiation integral to the creation of high-value technologies,” Myant says.

“Spanning concept ideation, design engineering, development, scale-up, and product manufacturing services, we meet our customers wherever they may be in their innovation journey. With 200 engineers, scientists and specialists, a world-class 170,000 square foot facility, and 50 years of domain expertise, few innovation centres of this scale and magnitude exist across the globe. MyantX is excited to open our doors to the ecosystem of creators and entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world.”

Myant Health

“Myant Health takes centre stage as our dedicated commercial healthcare arm, leveraging our proprietary Textile Computing wearable technology to pioneer ground-breaking solutions,” continues Myant.

“By transforming everyday clothing and textiles into IoT devices embedded with sensing and actuating properties we seamlessly connect people to the digital world. One of the first applications is a medical service currently used to monitor and assess people at risk of or living with cardiovascular disease. But we’re not stopping there as we envision our technology connecting people to the digital world, following the continuum of life. Soon we will be launching developments across Remote Patient Monitoring, Women's Health, Wellness, Worker Safety, Smart Home and much more. Learn how Textile Computing innovations can elevate your healthcare goals.”

Myant Ventures

Myant Ventures is the linchpin between the two innovation engines of the company fostering collaboration between Myant and visionary entrepreneurs working on human breakthroughs in deeptech domains, grounded in hard technology solutions.

We are well acquainted with the journey of those who take on the societal challenges of our times but face the lack of available support to prototype and scale their innovations. Ventures provides access to an internal accelerator environment including our; development centre, scientific expertise, business resources and capital to accelerate innovations and de-risk the pathway to commercialization,” the company explains.

"Our vision at Myant is boundless. We're not just pioneering technology; we're architecting the future. With the acquisition of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, we've ignited a revolution, merging science, innovation, and purpose to shape a world where human potential knows no bounds,'' enthuses Myant founder Tony Chahine.

Myant CEO and founder Tony Chahine. © Myant

“Through our three new organizations, we're not just building products; we're building a continuum of connectivity, from materials and textiles to technology, from health to humanity. Our journey is not just about creating fully integrated solutions; it's about empowering dreams, about going the distance, and about transforming ideas into reality."

“Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or an established company poised for transformation, Myant extends an open invitation to collaborate and activate global impact. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we pave the way for a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and human connection.”

“Connect with us today to discover how our vision can help catalyse yours.”

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