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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

13th November 2018, Germany

New investment to fuel Roica innovations

The Roica marketing, communication and innovations investment strategy, launched in 2016, has created a new, positive and dynamic market growth position for the Roica premium stretch fibre, according to the brand.

Created by Asahi Kasei to meet modern consumer needs, these Roica advanced families of functional stretch yarns “have become a key part of smart and responsible industry innovation, pioneering new and unique applications for fabric partners”.

Tintex fabric with Roica Eco-Smart family. © Asahi Kasei

These are headlined with Roica Eco-Smart family for engineered sustainable stretch solutions, and also with the unique colour function of Roica Colour Perfect family, all currently under production at the Asahi Kasei German plant.

After a strategic investment in 2017 for one of the latest warping machines at the European Roica production facility in Germany, Asahi Kasei saw a substantial uptake and growth in warp knit product innovations.

The company has now further increased the capacity by installing a new warping machine, due to be commissioned by end 2018.

“With these investments over a short one and a half years period, Asahi Kasei has committed Roica production and its partners to further joint successes, substantially increasing its capacity and flexibility in active wear, fashion, swimwear, intimates and lace. And in line with the company’s commitment to the European market growth, further investments are scheduled to anticipate the markets and our partner’s future needs,” the company reports.


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