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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

25th June 2008, Obertshausen

New Karl Mayer Academy for China


Warp knitting machine builder Karl Mayer is setting up Karl Mayer Academy China to support its Chinese manufacturing and sales facility subsidiary Karl Mayer China Ltd which opened in Wujin in July this year.

Karl Mayer builds highly efficient warp knitting machines and provides technical assistance and training on these and all aspects of warp knitting through its Karl Mayer Academy in Obertshausen. The education and training centre for Asia will offer a programme of specialized courses on warp knitting and topics covered in the courses are designed to cater specifically for the requirements of the company’s clients in the region.

Courses take into account the existing knowledge of the participants, and are available as modules, which enables each trainee to obtain his own specific set of qualifications. The result is a tailor-made training programme, which is also highly efficient. A team of experienced specialists and modern seminar rooms are available with the aim of maximizing the learning experience.

The objective is to "train the trainer" and all the activities of the Karl Mayer Academy China are supported by a team of experienced instructors from Germany. To this end, the company has furnished its new training rooms with the latest learning devices, ancillary equipment and selected pattern collections, but above all, it has made suitable training machines available.

Providing the trainees with hands-on experience on the machines in the Karl Mayer Academy China is a practical move. The combination of theoretical and practical training modules should enable trainees to put into practice what they have learned from their instructors.

Courses available at the Karl Mayer Academy China

To meet demand, the first course to be held at the Karl Mayer Academy China in the second half of 2008 will be the two-week-long "basic course on warp knitting", (wkb). Current details of the training courses can be found on the Karl Mayer homepage.

• First WKB will be held from 15 to 26 September 2008

• Second WKB will be held from 3 to 14 November 2008

• Third WKB will be held from 1 to 12 December 2008

Trainees on these WKB courses will learn about the machine elements and how they all interact with each other. They will be able to familiarise themselves with the various constructions and the use of different yarns. They will analyse simple patterns and practice technical calculations. They will also be given a general review of fabric finishing and produce simple samples on the machine. Other training topics included in the principles of warp knitting course cover pattern chains and pattern discs, machine operation and supervision, as well as fault analysis.

In addition to the basic courses, the Karl Mayer Academy China will offer the same training courses as the training centre in Germany, which are:

• WKB – Basic course

• WKS – Advanced course on tricot machines

• WKM - Advanced course on multi-bar raschel and lace knitting

• WKD - Advanced course on double-bar raschel knitting

• WKA - Advanced course on pattern analysis

• KAMCOS® - Training courses

• Pattern development using CAD/CAM systems.

It is hoped that the full range of courses will be available by 2009. All the courses will be held in English and Chinese.

For further information: www.karlmayer.de

Coming soon: Full feature on Karl Mayer in China

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