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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

17th July 2009, Lenzing

New Lenzing fibre offers solar radiation protection


At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, July 21-24, Lenzing will present Tencel Sun, a new Tencel fibre that provides superior solar protection especially designed to meet the performance and sustainability demands of the outdoor apparel market.

Lenzing, a leader in the field of innovation, has developed a new fibre that protects from solar radiation. Tencel Sun will be produced for this season and will be presented at all of the sports trade fairs around the world. The new Tencel Sun fibre is effective due to permanent mineral pigment integration that provides long-term protection from solar radiation. Even after washing several times, clothing made with Tencel Sun maintains its effectiveness. Tests show that UV protection levels of up to 110 UPF can be achieved.

The Tencel Sun fibre’s outstanding performance is due to several unique properties. One distinctive function is that the fibre swells which enables clothing made with Tencel Sun to retain solar protection during high intensity outdoor activities. Conventional fabrics lose more than half of their solar protection effectiveness when they become damp or stretched.

Tencel Sun is made from wood, a natural, renewable raw material making the fibre 100% bio-degradable.  Additionally, the fibre’s permanent solar protection cannot be washed out and it is manufactured with a process that is based on sustainable principles. These and many other environmental arguments make Tencel Sun the choice for botanic UV protection and the perfect eco-friendly alternative to polyester fibres and conventionally finished solar protection fabrics.

Tencel can be used universally – both in the active sport and sports lifestyle sectors. Moisture management, optimum skin-sensory properties and reduced bacterial growth are fused with outstanding solar protection and environmental consideration so that sports clothes made of Tencel Sun meet the multifunctional performance requirements of this demanding outdoor market.

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