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8th April 2008

New milestone for Dryarn: Certified dermatologically tested

A new era opens for Dryarn. After two years of research conducted at the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dryarn® - the polypropylene microfibre produced by the Aquafil group – has successfully passed the winning post: the “dermatologically tested” certificate.

So from today Dryarn® can add to its already numerous performances the assurance that this microfiber causes no unpleasant effects to the body, especially to persons with very sensitive or problematic skin. The study was carried out on a sample of approximately 200 volunteers with sensitive skin, through three main phases during which males and females above the age of 18 underwent several skin tests to evaluate any possible allergies caused by contact with Dryarn®.

The path followed by the university in the first two stages allowed the elimination from the chemical composition of Dryarn® of some substances found to be allergenic factors, thus reaching top standard and certification for the production of hypoallergenic clothing. During the third stage, the volunteers were requested to wear clothing produced exclusively in Dryarn® night and day for one month to study the effects of Dryarn® evaluating ailments such as erythema, xerosis, vesiculation and desquamation.

Results were excellent. At the end of the test all patients expressed a positive opinion with regard to tolerability and comfort of the clothes and conveyance of transpiration. Furthermore, even considerable improvement was found in some patients originally suffering from dermatitis or itchy skin.This is the first time that a synthetic fibre passes such a rigorous examination and justly takes its place on the podium until now reserved to the natural fibre par excellence: cotton. If up to now cotton had been indicated as the only fibre compatible with problems of contact dermatitis,irritations and allergies, today Dryarn represents an innovative solution.

Even people suffering with serious problems, in the past warned to wear only uncoloured “natural” cotton, can wear clothes in Dryarn which, already coloured in origin (batch dyeing), has been tested in all its colours and approved for its tolerability, hypoallergenic features and transpirability.

Aquafil S.p.A. is an Italian leader in the synthetic fibres sector with a technologically advanced industrial organisation. The company has plants in Europe, America and the Far East. Business activities are closely tied and space from the production of synthetic fibres for textile floor coverings to techno-polymers and synthetic yarns for the fashion sector. An important cornerstone in innovation also for the sportswear and underwear sector, to its “core business” regarding Nylon 6 and 66 fibres Aquafil has added special fibres such as Dryarn, Microlon and Borgolon.

For more information please visit www.aquafil.com and www.dryarn.com Contact: [email protected]

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