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Warp Knitting/​Crochet

New Rascheltronic fabrics from Karl Mayer

New fabrics with discrete shaping power to sculpt post pandemic figures.

14th September 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Obertshausen, Germany

Knitted Outerwear

The restrictions on our freedom of movement due to the coronavirus pandemic has had far-reaching consequences – including physical ones, says textile machine builder Karl Mayer. Trousers no longer do up, skirts no longer fit perfectly, and T-shirts stretch over stomachs. Those still keen to cut a good figure of course have the option of hitting the gym but shaping underwear can also help.

Chic warp knitted textiles can be produced for this purpose on the Rascheltronic in particular. Karl Mayer’s product developers used the latest model of high-performance jacquard raschel machine – the RSJ 4/1EL, 195ʺ, to create a new collection of on-trend items offering exceptional performance.

But the fashionable fabrics can also be produced on all other models of the Rascheltronic series. They feature a high-impact all-over pattern with subtle sculptural motifs, are soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and offer a gentle shaping function thanks to their particular stress-strain behaviour. Reason for the ideal lingerie properties are well-thought-out lapping and material combinations.

For production, a textured polyamide high filament yarn and elastane were processed – the latter in a relatively high proportion and by means of a 2 needle overlap instead of the usual one by one lap. This lends the fabric more strength and enhances the plastic effects of the pattern. What’s more, the elastane fixing in the textile structure is supported, thus improving the possibility to cut freely, and the fabric can easily be used without seams. Despite the two-needle-overlap, the fabrics are relatively lightweight: the surface weight is approx. 180 g/m².

The new Rascheltronic fabrics were presented to the public for the first time at ITMA ASIA + CITME in June 2021. At the launch, they attracted great interest and were the subject of numerous enquiries, some of which were highly targeted.

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