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New research and development centre for Lonati

Lonati says the new department of business research and development is where all the knowledge and ideas of its technicians, engineers and experts converge.

18th November 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  Brescia, Italy


The world leader in socks and hosiery knitting machinery Lonati has created a new department at its Brescia headquarters, aptly named the Lonati Innovation Department (LID).

“LID, Lonati Innovation Department is the new department of business research and development in which all the knowledge and ideas of our technicians, engineers and experts converge,” the Italian company said.

“In our center of analytical, design and mechanical excellence, experimentation is the order of the day with the latest generation machinery and tools,” Lonati continued. “Thanks to unsurpassed know-how and experience, for over half a century, we can constantly raise the level of efficiency, reliability and eco-sustainability of our products.”

Lonati dominates the world’s socks and hosiery machine business and as it continues to innovate it will continue to do so. The company can build anywhere between 8000 and 17,000 machines per year. 

Lonati Website

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