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New Sensitive Fabrics collection focuses on performance

For the Spring/Summer 2020 season, the Sensitive Fabrics collection by Eurojersey is focused on technical performance.

11th December 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan

Intimate Apparel, Collections

For the Spring/Summer 2020 season, the Sensitive Fabrics collection by Eurojersey is focused on technical performance, expressed in two macro themes centred on the Ecoprint and digital printing processes.

“Within these two theme areas, four effects are diversely interpreted on soft sensual fabrics for creating flowing garments with a feminine touch.  A selection of prints which re-proportion the figure with a result that is natural and body-shaping, poised between a harmonious silhouette and functional comfort,” the company explains.

“Lightweight fabrics similar to a second skin ensure a perfect fit, ideal for underwear and night wear collections of refined charm, to target a dynamic and versatile woman. Lingerie garments which follow the movements of the body, in an amazing colour palette interpreted by prints played out in transparent and glittering effects, in which gold and metallic finishes are offset by yarn-dyed colour accents.”

Ecoprint technology is the innovative printing technique patented by Eurojersey, which is designed to reproduce tone-on-tone and contrasting effects on the smooth surface of Sensitive Fabrics, thanks to the use of lacquers, colour and metal pigments, which create patterns with amazing effects of transparency and high-definition luminous contrasts.

“The resulting fabrics with their soft hand-feel are extremely resistant to rubbing and washing, whether the garment is hand-washed, machine-washed or dry cleaned, as well as having a low environmental impact thanks to the elimination of some steps in the manufacturing cycle, with a consequent saving of water (-60%), energy (-30%) and greenhouse gas emissions (-60%),” the company reports.

Sensitive Fabrics presents new lingerie collection. © Eurojersey

In the new collection, brocade effects are reminiscent of the eighteenth century-style charm of decoratively embossed textiles and precious jacquard-like patterns applied to the surface of Sensitive Fabrics; at the same time, the use of metallic pigments and glitter confer sheer glamour thanks to the luminosity of the lurex effect. A play of transparent effects in neutral shades is intertwined with a foliage pattern traced in white pigment. A sequence of shiny-matt effects spring from a cascade of lacquers or metallic glitter, combined with white pigments on the extremely smooth surface of Sensitive Fabrics.

Digital printing, thanks to 3D print technology, successfully creates designs and structures which are textural-looking and endowed with realistic 3D effects. With this printing technology, colours and graphic designs benefit from an extremely precise definition, as well as generating high-resolution textures. “With innovative 3D printing, each detail printed on Sensitive Fabrics becomes a precious element with a pronounced chromatic impact, which translates into an increasingly high-quality standard,” the company concludes.

Sensitive Fabrics presents new lingerie collection. © Eurojersey

With the innovative Lace Placement Printing technique, the decorative motif may be printed and placed on the fabric with an exact calculation of the finished product design so as to avoid any fabric waste when cutting and making up the garment.

Animalier prints and textures take on a 3D effect thanks to a play of light and dark colours, which 3D printing defines and differentiates on Sensitive Fabrics, resulting in enhanced textures. The yarn-dyed effect simulates the look of intertwined yarns, which have already been dyed. This high-definition digital technology reproduces the textile structures typical of yarn-dyed fabrics. Print and colour renderings enable the perfection of each individual detail even when the fabric is fully stretched, so much so that the fine textured weaves or micro geometries printed onto the dyed ground are surprisingly consistent and precise.

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