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Warp Knitting/​Crochet

New Textronic Lace machine for Leavers-like lace

Karl Mayer launches the new MT 84/1/40 S, a Textronic Lace with fall-plate and stitch-forming Jacquard bars.

8th November 2023

Knitting Industry
 |  Obertshausen, Germany

Intimate Apparel, Household

Karl Mayer has launched a new Textronic Lace machine for the production of delicate lace fabrics with a uniquely contrasting appearance. The products of the new Karl Mayer MT 84/1/40 S feature an exceptionally light, transparent fabric ground on which the filigree patterning with 3D flossing stands out strikingly. This play with contrasts sets new standards in the lace sector, the German machine builder says.

"Never before have we been so close to the quality of 12-point Leavers lace," says Karl Mayer lace expert Jamie Heather. A pioneering configuration ensures an even closer step towards the Leavers benchmark. Unique for a Textronic Lace machine is the use of a stitch-forming Jacquard bar combined with two ground guide bars at the back.

High contrast lace with multi-layered pattern

Thanks to the stitch-forming Jacquard bar in split execution, Spotnet grounds can be produced without a pillar stitch and thus lighter fabric grounds are made possible. Tests on this at Karl Mayer have shown promising results. If the pillar stitch is not to be dispensed with, in order to stabilise the structure, thinner yarns in the warps can be used in order to avoid an increase in fabric weight. Tests were also carried out internally with excellent results, Karl Mayer says. During the tests, warp yarns of 22 dtex were used in the pillar stitch and also in the stitch-forming Jacquard bars.

© Karl Mayer Group

High-contrasting patterning combined with a refined light-weight ground construction is naturally improved by using a fall-plate in conjunction with 80 pattern bars, 24 more than on the previous lace machines with stitch-forming Jacquard bars.

The MT 84/1/40 S products thus offer everything that makes up a typical 12-point Leavers lace: a fine ground in Spotnet style, three-dimensional flossing and a complex patterning.

Launch in November 2023

The new MT 84/1/40 S is offered in gauges E 24 and E 28 and with a working width of 134 inches. The official launch is planned for a product show to be held at Karl Mayer (China) in Changzhou City from November 19 to 23, parallel to ITMA Asia. Interested parties will be able to see the MT 84/1/40 S in operation at the event. Registration is required to plan the visit and transfer from the trade fair.

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