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20th August 2008, Tokyo

New version of FT-K11 Fine Toe from Nagata


Japanese hosiery machine builder Nagata Seiki, has launched new competitively priced versions of its single feed, single cylinder men’s socks knitting machines. The ‘version-up’ models are FT-K11 Fine Toe with automatic toe linking and the standard open toe K-172. The latest versions of Nagata’s proven technology were shown for the first time at the recent ITMA Asia + CITME in Shanghai.

The FT-K11 is a single feed, single cylinder sock knitting machine with automatic toe linking device which is capable of knitting patterns with 5 colours per course plus ground or 4 colours plus ground in the elastic top. According to Nagata, the main differences between the latest FT-K11 and its predecessor are more efficient and cost effective toe closing.

Speaking to KnittingIndustry.com in Shanghai, Sales Director, Mac Kawaguchi explained: “Nagata has worked hard to both reduce the number of parts in the machine and optimize its global sourcing of parts. This has allowed us to make the machine and toe closing device more efficient and has allowed it to reduce our prices sharply.”

The FT-K11 is fitted with a completely separate toe closing system where the socks are transported to the automatic linking device and linked needle by needle. The automatic linking device is equipped with transfer needles for needle by needle transfer and the sock is reversed turned prior to linking which is completed during sock transfer. The knitting head idle time is around 10 seconds which Nagata claims is comparable with the current time associated with knitting Rosso fine courses and Rosso fence (run-off courses). Nagata also claims that is also possible to eliminate waste yarn normally associated with Rosso fine courses and fence.

The K-172 which is the open toe version of the FT-K11, has also been revamped through redesign, thereby reducing the number of parts in the machine and helping reduce prices. The cambox has also been redesigned to increase machine speed during plain and patterned areas to incorporate graduated stitch construction.

Nagata which builds two ranges of machines, one in Japan and one in China, chose to show only its Japanese built hi-tech at ITMA Asia + CITME, as it considers it to be an international show. The company also builds a budget range of machines in China which it will show at domestic exhibitions in China.

Nagata is currently building a total of 90 machines per month of which 50 are built in Japan and 40 in China and the company’s main markets are Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria.

Sales Director, Mac Kawaguchi told KnittingIndustry.com: “Eastern Europe has been very strong for us and we recently took an order for 200 machines in the region. These were a mixture of our K-172, K-172P and K-172SP models.” The K-172P and K-172SP models are single feed, single cylinder sock knitting machines with pile knitting device which are capable of knitting motif patterns with 5 colours per course plus ground yarn (4 colours plus ground in elastic top).

Also on show at ITMA Asia + CITME from Nagata were the D-230E, 2 feed, double cylinder links/ jacquard machine and the D-211 2 feed, double cylinder rib/ links-links machine.

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