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4th August 2009, Migdal Ha'emek

Nilit BodyFashion & Active-Sports, Spring - Summer 2011

Nilit TrendbookFaced with a world of uncertainty and instability, Bodyfashion and Activewear mirror a society seeking ways to live a better life in a new mood sparked by a quest for meaning. The Summer 2011 consumer will know how to combine two seemingly opposing worlds: on the one hand, one of purity and spirituality and on the other hand a need for ornamentation and sensuality. These two contradictor y aesthetics are confronted as we define Bodywear trends for Spring-Summer 2011.

For Bodywear, the search for authenticity manifests itself in the quest for a different consumerism. This season reconciles ecology and technology and lends a zest to creativity. Personal expression goes hand in hand with aspirations of style and the search for added value. The closer interaction between science and aesthetics is part of the broader eco design philosophy, now on sound ground for the future that we aspire to.

Activewear reflects that the world of sport no longer focuses only on physical prowess. It encompasses ecological and spiritual considerations where performance aspires to a broader vision of the world and the environment.

At Nilit, consideration for the environment is at the cornerstone of our business and we have engineered our operations to produce some of the best nylons in the world in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Nilit EcoCare recycled yarns reflect our philosophy and are a breakthrough in yarn engineering and production.

Innovation is the key at Nilit and our unique and diverse products continue to  open new vistas creating a new generation of state-of-the-art products that are both at the cutting-edge of fashion and in perfect harmony with the environment.

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