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Non-stop innovation: Colosio reveals S1 Evolution for shoe uppers

Today, leading socks machine builder Cesare Colosio means continuous innovation not only in the sock industry - but also in the footwear business.

10th October 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Rezzato, Brescia

Hosiery/​Socks, Sports/​Activewear, Collections

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Today, leading socks machine builder Cesare Colosio means continuous innovation not only in the sock industry - but also in the footwear business. The Italian company, which has been a world leader in the development and production of sock knitting machines for 60 years, does not want to slowdown and, following the success of its S1+ circular intarsia machine, is ready to launch its very latest model, the S1 Evolution for shoe uppers.

According to the company, the Colosio invented technology has already been acknowledged by many of the most important international footwear brands - the first shoes made with the S1+ machine can already be spotted in some of the world’s best known stores and can also be purchased online – and more models are scheduled to appear on the market soon.

Highly productive yet flexible

Company owner Fabiana Colosio extols the virtues of her company’s technology: “Today, the process behind the S1+ allows to boost the production towards never-before-seen standards: 5 to 7 minutes per upper is what we are now speaking about. However, this is just one of the many advantages that this technology guarantees. Flexibility, for instance, is another key factor on Colosio's machine and as a matter of fact, the S1+ can produce perfectly versatile and easy-fitting uppers without seams capable of satisfying the different needs of technical, sports and leisure footwear.”

The company is ready to launch its very latest model, the S1 Evolution for shoe uppers. © Cesare Colosio

Technology gap

“This innovation has surely helped create a wide gap in terms of technology between Colosio and all the other competitors. To date, no other machine manufacturer has the necessary equipment to achieve this level of performance yet, while Colosio has already developed and commercialized a new version of its 4” cylinder machine that can produce uppers for bigger sizes, hence covering 100% of the market. In fact, if the 4” diameter cylinder can create uppers up to UK size 11, the 4½” cylinder machine takes over from this size upwards.”

Fabiana Colosio says, that life for those trying to catch-up with the innovation brought by the S1+ will not be easy, as not only the machine but also the complete textile process and concept for the upper manufacturing are protected by copyright. “The license holder for the upper manufacturing is the company Cesare Colosio, and only those customers buying Colosio's S1+ can produce knitted uppers with the argyle intarsia process. And the gap with those companies chasing the ‘Colosio standard’ is just about to get bigger,” she adds.

S1 Evolution

So, what changes will the new S1 Evolution bring to the market? “Most of the details have not been disclosed yet. Nevertheless, it is certain that the S1 Evolution will have the latest mechanical technology running on it,” Fabiana Colosio explains, adding: “In addition to this novelty, the creators of the S1+ are already focusing on another revolutionary innovation ‘Made in Colosio’ for late 2019, proving that the company is pioneer in the sock knitting and shoe upper machines industry. But this is another story, certainly to be continued.”

Innovation at Colosio will be on show at next week’s ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition. © Cesare Colosio

“Innovation at Colosio does not stop and will be on show at next week’s ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition, which takes place in Shanghai, China, from 15-19 October 2018. Come meet the future of the footwear industry in Hall H4, Booth C08.”

Cesare Colosio

According to Fabiana Colosio, the company has committed since its first beginnings, to the invention of innovative and courageous solutions with talent, intelligence and far sightedness, achieving a cutting-edge position in the international sock knitting machines industry.

Company founder Cesare Colosio revolutionized the market for single-cylinder machines and made a name for himself nationally and internationally. Fabiana and Gianfranco Colosio have been leading the company for 30 years with the same expertise and passion inherited from their father, continuously inventing and patenting original products designed and developed thanks to the priceless skills of the people employed at the company.

“Colosio's machines have always anticipated market requests, thus being recognized as the benchmark technology in the industry” Fabiana Colosio concludes.

Exhibit details

Exhibition: ITMA Asia + CITME 2018, Shanghai, China

Date: 15-19 October 2018

Location: Hall No. H4, Booth No. C08

Watch Colosio’s S1+ video

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Contact Details

Cesare Colosio S.r.l.

Via Alessandrini 14, 25086 Rezzato (Brescia), Italy

Tel. +39 030 2592161

[email protected]

[email protected]

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