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9th October 2015, Blanes

Nylstar appoints Ivan Lago as new Meryl Yarns business unit Manager

Ivan Lago, Meryl Yarns Business Unit Manager. © Nylstar Nylstar has appointed Ivan Lago to a newly created position of Meryl Yarns Business Unit Manager. Lago will lead Nylstar's strategic change and he will focus its activity on producing and selling Meryl branded yarns.

Ivan Lago

With a Degree in Chemistry and specialized in Environmental Engineering, Lago joined Nylstar in 2013 as Meryl Brands Supply Chain Manager. In this position he managed the supply chain of the brands that produce garments with Meryl yarns such as Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Lacoste or Bogner among others.

Thanks to Ivan's work, together with Meryl Fabrics and Meryl Collections Business Unit teams, he has achieved very positive results in the garments performances. “Brands want to know the supply chain with which they work. They are concerned about raw materials, their origins, sustainability and process manipulation,” commented Lago.

Meryl brand

Nearly two years ago the company regained exclusive control of Meryl brand. Since then, the basis of Nylstar's new business model has been to build a relationship with sport and fashion brands. Thanks to a significant marketing investment, the company has become, in a short period of time, a reference brand in fashion and sports fabrics.

“We would like to be known as the Zegna for women, or even better, that Zegna would be the Meryl of Men,” explained Zigor Kortazar, Nylstar's General Manager.

In this sense, Nylstar has initiated a strategic change to sell only branded Mery yarns, and Lago's challenge will be to ensure that brands and consumers that buy Meryl enjoy the benefits of Blanes yarns.

Meryl microfibers

Known to many as the Blanes Yarn, it has its origins back in 1950 when Nylstar became the first company outside the US to produce polyamide. That same year, Meryl, that in the 90s would launch its microfibers, would start a revolution that would allow the creation of an important textile industry around Blanes.

Many well loved garments such as Zara’s basic T-shirt and most European swimwear are still produced using the Meryl microfibers which were launched 25 years ago.

However, it is the new range of innovatively designed Meryl microfibers which really highlights the knowledge and experience accumulated by Nylstar over the last 62 years, the company reports. These, for example, include the Nateo EcoDye and Meryl Nateo EcoDye.


Nylstar is structured into three business units, Meryl Yarns which will be managed by Ivan Lago, Meryl Fabrics directed by Raimon Pages and Meryl Collections which offers a range of products organized into two categories, Sport and Woman.

The company has recently launched a mobile app, Meryl Collections, which offers consumers nearly 1,000 garments by more than 200 brands, all produced with Meryl yarns or fabrics.


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