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13th August 2010, Taipei

Pai Lung aims for multi-colour mattress tickings market

13 August 2010, Taipei – Taiwanese circular knitting machine builder Pail Lung has introduced a new double jersey double selection electronic jacquard machine aimed at the high quality multi-colour mattress tickings (coverings) market.

Launched at the recent ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 in Shanghai, the PL-KDDSCJ is aimed at introducing multi-colour jacquard fabrics via cylinder and dial electronic selection to the very high end of the tickings market.

The PL-KDDSCJ on show in Shanghai, which the company describes as belonging to its’pioneering home textiles models’, was a 38” model in 20 gauge with 60 feeds. Pai Lung’s double knit full jacquard offer now consists of the new PL-KDDSCJ double knit double selection and the PL-KD1.5CJ, PL-KD2.5CJ and PL-KD1.5J/SR (sinker ring) models, all three of which have cylinder selection only. Available machine configurations are as follows:

PL-KDDSCJ - 30-42”, 12G-28G, 42F-64F

PL-KD1.5CJ - 16-40”, 14G-28G, 24F-64F

PL-KD2.5CJ – 16-40”, 14G-28G, 32F-84F

PL-KD1.5CJ/SR – 16-40”, 14G-28G, 24F-64F

Mattress tickings were traditionally woven but in recent years there has been a boom in the production of tickings on double jersey circular knitting machines with cylinder selection. The introduction of double selection or cylinder and dial selection offers even greater patterning potential.

“PL-KDDSCJ, with the individual dial and cylinder jacquard selecting system, is able to offer a variety of high quality patterns on each side of double face fabric. The beauty of this model’s product is beyond comparison with the weaving dobby system or single face electronic jacquard machines’ performance,” Pai Lung’s Steven Chen said at the show.

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