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11th January 2011, Paris

Premiere Vision spring/ summer 12 Fashion & Salon Info

Premiere Vision SS12 Fashion & Salon InfoFASHION INFO

the spring summer 12 season

a season of vast ambition, to see far and wide. and discover the fundamentals of tomorrow. undoing and doing, without redoing. Opening new perfect disequilibriums, sublime imperfections, and with emotion, a season where a blast of fresh, innovative fabrics, yarns and interplays infuses new oxygen into textile-driven fashions.

seeing far, to invite in surprise Inventing with arresting fabrics, and inciting different dialogues between clothing and the body. Dashing blithely headlong into distortions of colours, visuals and handles, being led into new realms of unfamiliar sensations.

seeing far, to innovate, perspectives, and modelling shapes and new formulas like a sculptor, a chemist or a poet; to link, assemble, attach and give life to unprecedented clothing.

seeing far, to imagine light and witty approaches, passionately. Yielding willingly to disorder and championing instability, to move confidently towards greater eclecticism, and more personality.

seeing far, to build, the impossible for spring summer 12, ambitiously.

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