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24th June 2015, Paris

Première Vision launches Season Opener for A/W 2016-17

Première Vision, the leading communication and business platform for fashion and textile industry professionals, has launched its first Season Opener for Autumn/Winter 2016-17.

This opening of the season – in advance and in preview of the actual shows themselves – marks a new approach to fashion information, shared with fashion and clothing industry professionals three months before the doors open at Première Vision Paris, which is set to take place from 15-17 September.

Première Vision gives shape to the first Season Opener through a series of six videos. © Première Vision

The objectives of the new concept include anticipation of the needs of buyers and designers long before the actual shows, guiding professionals in preparing their visits, adapting to the industry’s changing pace, and providing a clear reading of the season’s earliest fashion indications in a digital format.

Fashion information

The fashion information developed each season by Première Vision has untill now been unveiled to visitors during the shows via insightful forums, information areas and fashion seminars.

As the sole organiser of the six shows constituting Première Vision Paris since February 2014, Première Vision promotes both the particularities and the crossover between its six activity sectors, and continues to elaborate new synergies.

Now Première Vision is applying this same transversal strategy to its fashion information, to give visibility to the general season inspirations common to all six activity sectors at Première Vision Paris, while continuing to point up each industry’s fashion expertise and specific inspirations.

Season Opener

Première Vision gives shape to the first Season Opener through a series of six videos. These creative, inspirational and instructional videos were produced by the Première Vision fashion team who, along with readying the images and visual presentation of the season’s inspiration, also speak about the first flavours and highlights of the autumn winter 2016-17 season.

Fully available on the Première Vision website from mid-June, these videos add to the promotional events and information provided to Première Vision Paris visitors. A video taking a general approach, cutting across all Première Vision Paris business activities, decodes and summarises the season.

The other five videos address fashion information for each of the show’s business specialities, evoking the first colour and material highlights for yarns and fibres, fabrics, leathers, textile designs and accessories.

New and exclusive update

In order to provide fashion directions tailored to multiple international markets, and consistent with industry realities, Première Vision has an expert in-house fashion team working each season to elaborate effective fashion directions and inspirations.

The team, in constant contact with Première Vision exhibitors, forms a major observatory of industry creativity and innovation. At Première Vision Fabrics, more than 20,000 fabrics pass each season through the hands of this team.

During its international meetings, the Première Vision fashion team trades ideas with these experts concerning the outlooks and visions they have for the coming season in terms of colours and materials. Gathered and then summarised by Première Vision, this information is translated into inspirations and directions transmitted each season in a variety of documents and fashion information spaces.


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