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Première Vision Paris: Another step towards normality

Janet Prescott

Shabby chic, bright stripes and eco responsibility set the tone at leading Paris fabrics show.

1st March 2022

Janet Prescott
 |  Paris

Knitted Outerwear

Premiere Vision, which took place in Paris from 8-10 February, represented another stage in the fashion and textiles world coming back to normal. It is clear that the past two years saw the speeding up of several changes, which had already begun.

Fashion direction for 2023 is more fluid, as buying habits and expectations change and various themes come into play. There are no certainties, but many contrasts: which are found including knitwear, natural and synthetic, light and dark, bright and subtle, lightweight and heavy, smooth and 3D, streetwear and tea party chic, the seasons blending into each other.

Companies operating at the middle to upper end of the market believe that customers will make their individual choices and are prepared to pay more if they are underpinned by an ethical approach. This has been hoped for by the trade and is having a considerable impact from the emphasis at PV.

Eco was the term used almost as much as the term sustainable; perhaps it is a concept simpler and easier to apply to different stages of the industry with different demands. Eco-responsibility is a word that many companies use, it goes from choice of fibres, yarns dyes, printing, or re-use, difficult when derived from petroleum-based materials, and also most blends. And at last, the ultimate disposal of clothes which do not degrade.

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