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30th November 2007

Prints feature in November 2007 Shimas Collection


Sample No: 01981

Machine: SWG-X 12

Material: Extra fine merino wool 100% 2/60x2, 2/60x1, nylon 92% Lycra 8% 20/70dx1

Description: Wholegarment

Knitting Technique: 2nd stitch

Printed on SIP

SIP100F/ 160F

The revolutionary SIP-100F and SIP-160F on-demand inkjet printers from Shima Seiki enable beautiful full colour printing on a variety of fabrics, quickly and easily using design data created on our SDS®-ONE apparel design system.

Unlike conventional dyeing and printing systems which are unsuited to small-lot production, or bulky transfer prints which alter the texture of the original fabric, SIP uses advanced piezo inkjet technology and requires no printing films or plates. The basic colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are divided into light and dark tones, for a total of 8 ink colours, yielding beautiful results with vivid colour and excellent tonal range, and permit subtle gradations as well.

Both reactive and disperse dyes, as well as pigments are supported for printing on different types of fabrics. Operation is easy through a touch-control monitor. The printing head can be raised or lowered to allow printing on fabrics with 3-dimensional textures and even directly on completed products, including new WholeGarment knitwear which is produced in one entire piece.

In addition, the SIP-160F offers even more flexibility with a wide printing area for accommodating large items such as dresses and coats, as well as supporting traditional screen-printing methods such as cross-printing. With SIP, high-quality, value-added printing raises fashion to new heights while maintaining the softness and texture of the original fabric. Moreover with a fast printing speed and flexibility in production, the ultimate in on-demand, small-lot, multiple-variety, quick-response production can be achieved. November 2007 Collection.

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