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6th February 2008

PROFILE: Zegna Baruffa - Finest in Knitwear


Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia is the world leader in the production of fine yarns for top-quality knitwear. Zegna Baruffa was established in 1924, and in 1974 acquired the prestigious company, Lane Borgosesia (1850).

Today, Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia buys 10 million kilograms of raw Australian Merino wool. The superfine Merino wool, combined with a vast range of rich yarns such as cashmere and top-quality pure or blended fibres, creates over 6.5 million kilograms of yarn for the company’s knitwear products each year.

The company’s most renowned product “Cashwool”, is synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of top yarn for knitwear. The yarn is created from a special selection of Australian extra-fine Merino wool and processed with an exclusive and patented system.

"Cashwool" is the first and unmatched extrafine Merino, which has been used for more than 30 years by top knitwear producers from around the world. Cashmere is produced in a very extensive range of colours, solids, melanges, mouliné and supermelanges.

Cashwool is only by "Zegna Baruffa", it is a registered trade mark and represents a benchmark for the extrafine wool yarn.

Beyond Cashmere: The Finest Wool in the World

‘Limited Edition’ is the latest and most prestigious product by Zegna Baruffa - Lane Borgosesia. The unique and exclusive product is a very special yarn constructed from Australian Merino wool and is softer and finer than cashmere. The newly created yarn, never previously used for external knitwear, received its world premiere presentation at Pitti Filati in Florence.

A raw wool of absolute quality is used to manufacture an innovative product that is without equals on the market. Its characteristics of strength, elasticity, fluidity, low pilling factor and its extraordinary soft texture place it beyond even the finest types of cashmere presently in production.

To spin such extraordinary yarn, a state-of-the-art plant, in addition to extensive experience in wool yarn production was required. Only in this way can this natural fibre, one of the rarest in the world, achieve the height of its potential.

The result is a soft, fine wool that is ideal for light spring and autumn garments. In order to attain even greater softness than cashmere, woolgrowers must take care of every detail of the sheep’s life.

Today, the carefully selected flocks required exist only in Australia. Firstly, the animals are carefully selected according to their quality. The nutrition is guaranteed by the highest possible pasture quality, constant supervision is performed by means of animal marking, and the automatic irrigation of pastures ensures that the grass is constantly in optimum condition.

Even stress placed on the animal can affect the yield of the wool. Therefore interference with the animals is reduced to a minimum, and only calm sheepdogs are used, avoiding any unnecessary herding operations. All this enables the very high quality expected from this product to be attained.

Protein from parasites is also a crucial part of the process, by means of specialist veterinary staff, treatment and tests. Zegna Baruffa has a precise understanding of these sheep-raising techniques and work alongside the sheep farmers.

* Summer cotton

Extra-fine mako cottons of impalpable texture such as cashmere or with a sanded sensation at the finger tips. The highly fine counts provide effects of immense transparency and lightness, as demanded by current trends.

* Summer linen

The rare and pure linens represent the crudest part of the collection while conserving all their beauty and gracefulness after numerous washings. The linen can be printed in small segments for buttoned or irregular effects.

* Summer fashion

This is fashion of the “luna” type, with its rubbery and silicone texture. It is of the twist thread type which can be used with fine yarns or to create wefts and wide open stitch arrangements.

* Millennium club

For the forthcoming season Zegna Baruffa offers a blend of knitwear which has not yet been fully experimented, but which in such fine counts represents an interesting proposal for both men and women in the “sport chic” sector.

* Exclusive

The ultra fine cashmeres, precious blends and fine counts for timeless knitwear, represent the top in Zegna Baruffa’s collections. They can be found in all prestigious lines on the international market: privilege, cashmere, excellence, cashsilk, savile.

* Classic

Classic yarns for all seasons form the base of all collections – indispensable high quality merino, produced with specially selected wools are monitored at all stages of production in the historical factory in Borgosesia.

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