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1st August 2013

Prospects for the Textile and Clothing Industry in Bangladesh


Prospects for the Textile and Clothing Industry in BangladeshReport summary

The textile and clothing industry in Bangladesh has contributed greatly to the country's economic development and to its status as one of Asia's fastest growing economies. The industry's development has been aided by policies pursued by successive governments aimed at encouraging foreign investment and allowing private enterprise to take the leading role.

The industry has also provided unprecedented employment opportunities for women. However, the Bangladeshi economy is highly dependent on the textile and clothing industry, and especially its export performance, which makes it vulnerable to any slowdown in the industry's development or loss of competitiveness in international markets.

Also, the industry's success has come at an unacceptable human cost, as the tragedy of Rana Plaza and others before it have shown. The biggest immediate challenge is to convince the world's clothing retailers and consumers that things are changing, and this will need to be resolved conclusively if the industry's long-term prosperity is to be guaranteed.

This report looks at the development of the textile and clothing industry in Bangladesh, its size and structure, and production and consumption. The report also features: a geographical, political and economic profile; a detailed look at the country's imports and exports; a review of government policies, investment incentives and foreign investments; an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT); and a look at Bangladesh's infrastructure and human resources and how these affect the textile and clothing industry.

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Prospects for the Textile and Clothing Industry in Bangladesh

Publisher: Textiles Intelligence

44 pages, published July 2013 

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