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15th July 2008

Relanit 3.2 II sparkles at Tap


Mayer & Cie sparkled at last month’s Tüyap exhibition in Istanbul, claiming its Relanit 3.2 II was the star of the show.

Mayer claims that its Relanit 3.2 II, 28 gauge and 32 inch diameter machine with ‘high speed kit’  set a new world record due to the fact that it was running at 40 rpm in continuous operation with elastomeric plating and open width frame.

A spokes person for Mayer & Cie said: “Claiming that a circular knitting machine with open width device and with elastomeric plating is capable of achieving 40 rpm means that you have to prove it. Visitors were quite amazed at how effortlessly this speed was achieved whilst the fabric was wound up in immaculate quality without crease marks.”

 “Without open width frame and with tubular winding the Relanit 3.2 II can achieve up to 45 rpm in continuous operation. This increases the production by 40 % and even with open width frame an increase in production of 25 % is guaranteed.”

 Further Mayer exhibits at Tüyap were the Relanit 1.6 R and the OVJA 1.6 ET (3WT). According to Mayer & Cie, the Relanit 1.6 R sets new standards as single jersey striper with open width take-down. A 10 gauge model was exhibited which was combining coarse yarns with elastomeric yarns to give fabrics with particularly high elasticity.

The OVJA 1.6 ET (3WT) is an electronic double jersey machine with transfer functions on both cylinder and dial needles. The needle selection is made by Mayer & Cie’s patented reliable mono-magnet system. Full 3-way-technique offers extensive pattern scope and the machine can be used efficiently even for smaller lots, due to rapid pattern transfer to the machine with Mayer’s proven electronics. According to the Albstadt based company, positive needle guidance, diagonal stitch adjustment and electronic individual needle selection in combination with elastomer plating made the OVJA 1.6 ET (3WT) a very popular exhibit.

 Tüyap apparently exceeded Mayer & Cie’s expectations with good visitor numbers. Nearly 22.000 visitors from 57 countries met with 614 exhibitors from 31 countries.

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