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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

11th December 2012, Obertshausen

Revamped HKS 4-M EL optimizes price:performance

Karl Mayer reports that the new EL drive system on the HKS 4-M EL tricot machine optimises the price:performance ratio. The company says the high-speed HKS 4 EL tricot machine is extremely efficient and highly flexible at the same time, which makes it perfect for meeting market requirements.

According to Karl Mayer, the high-speed, all-round machine can process even small batches economically and reduce the time needed to develop new and innovative types of fabric.

“Extremely difficult and complicated lappings can be worked and the repeat length may be virtually unlimited – a performance profile that the many possibilities offered by electronic guide bar control have made possible,” Karl Mayer says.

EL control of the guide bars has been tried and tested over many years. It combines high dynamics with extreme precision, and this is said to guarantee reliable, fault-free operation even in the fine gauge of E 32.

“Further improvements that have been made to the core components of the machine have now improved the price:performance ratio and reduced investment costs for the same level of performance,” Karl Mayer claims.

The changes that were made to optimise the machine related primarily to the motor and management of the Pattern Control function. The machine handling features and the general design of the machine were not changed.

The revamped HKS 4-M EL has been available since September 2012 and Karl Mayer says that the market launch of the new version has made investing in modern, four-bar, high-speed tricot machines with CFRP bars and electronic guide bar control even more attractive to all of its users.

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