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4th September 2015, Biella

Safil publishes 2014 Sustainability Report

Safil, an Italy based worsted spinning company, has drafted its 2014 Sustainability Report in response to the market’s ever-greater awareness of the interdependence between economic, environmental and social matters in business, combined with the need for greater transparency by companies with regard to their business model.

The company has become the first Italian company to publish its 2014 report, which is a document, designed to describe the company, its history, its values and its identity, and to explain how the company choices try to balance economic aspects with those of an environmental and social nature.

Report topics

Many of the matters dealt with in this document are a rationalization of Safil’s way of behaving and doing business: listening to customers, working as a team, honesty and reliability in relations with suppliers, respect for the environment and support for the local community.

Sustainability Report is a document, designed to describe the company, its history, its values and its identity. © Safil

It includes data relating to Safil’s actions

  • Matters of Corporate Governance and creation of Added
  • Environmental
  • Social Matters

These aspects, which are only marginally highlighted in the balance sheet, are nonetheless essential to explain to all of the company’s internal and external stakeholders, the principles on which Safil founded its past and intends building its future.


Safil is a worsted spinning company founded in 1954 by Fernando Savio and today managed by his sons Alberto and Cesare in Biella, Italy. At its plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the company annually produces 7,000 tons of worsted yarns.

The Italian dyehouse has a capacity of cone dyeing and re-winding for about 3,000 tons per year and is operated by a team of 45 skilled employees in Gaglianico, Biella.

Knitting and hosiery

Thanks to its flexibility and large production capacity, Safil produces knitting yarns that meet the most different market demands, ranging from products intended for large-scale distribution to the top-range ones.

Yarns are available in ultrafine merino wool, either pure or blended with noble fibres, such as cashmere, silk, angora, alpaca, cotton, for those who look for the highest quality. Safil also produces yarns in wool/acrylic blends, fancy yarns in combination with man-made fibres (viscose, microfiber, nylon, Coolmax), for those who believe and invest in a more innovative, technical and fashion knitwear.

A wide range of classic products for men and women, combined with special yarns and blends, offers an immediate solution for every need. The company also produces yarns with aramid fibres for socks or close to skin protection items.


Download the report

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