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17th December 2014, Milan

Sensitive Fabrics presents Lingerie Summer 2016 trend collection

The Eurojersey Creative Department has identified three universes as inspiration for the new Sensitive Fabrics Spring/Summer 2016 lingerie trend collection.

The brand offers inspirations that sweep along the Atlantic Coast and its natural colours, in a long voyage, looking for a variety of experiences and enrichment. Sensations that translate into a mix of geometric patterns, prints and colours intertwining and melting into one another, are rendered into fabrics thanks to the company’s EcoPrint technology.

Back to Basic theme. © Eurojersey / Sensitive Fabrics

Real reproductions, details and minute contrasts, transparencies and effects are interpreted by Sensitive Plus, Sensitive Seric Plus, Sensitive Touch and Sensitive Sheer fabrics and are offered in this Lingerie collection for excellence in quality, comfort, breathability and softness, the company reports.

Getting back to basics

Getting Back to Basics is a theme that celebrates a return to simplicity, in both understanding reality that appears neater and immediate, and in its representation on fabric. It awakens imagination that recalls the Atlantic Coasts, with azures, blues and whites, side by side with romantic laces and pure, water-like transparencies.

The reminiscence is of the French photographer Jacques Hanri Larttique, who captured the real-life moments of the French bourgeoisie in the early 1900s.

Natural Energy theme. © Eurojersey / Sensitive Fabrics

Geometric, abstract patterns are handmade on a chromatic palette that ranges from bright to soft pastel colours, creating an atmosphere of summer light on the Sensitive Sheer, Sensitive Plus, and Sensitive Touch fabrics.

Natural energy

Natural Energy theme is seeking calm, quiet and well-being. It is a theme that represents a desire to find your equilibrium again, concentrate on your inner being, contrasting the hectic reality that moves too fast.

The esoteric, relaxing power of stone therapy and minerals are the inspiration for this new age theme, which appears neat, healthy, and human. Inspirations that take on life in the Sensitive Sheer, Sensitive Seric Plus and Sensitive Touch fabrics are brought to life by 3D precision printing.

Latin Charisma. © Eurojersey / Sensitive Fabrics

They express themselves in material effects and are interlaced by hand into the iridescent hues of mother-of-pearl, greys, whites and pearly azures, side by side with animalier inserts and small floral motifs.

Latin charisma

Latin Charisma explores travel as a life experience and pleasure. It represents a meandering voyage on the Orient Express in the 1930s, among the mysterious lands of India, meeting ethnic peoples and discovering locally made valuable materials.

Reproductions of cashmere patterns, micro-geometric designs, precious stones and Chinese porcelains decorate the Sensitive Sheer, Sensitive Seric Plus and Sensitive Touch fabrics. The tones range from blues in all their shades, warm colours like yellow, violet, green and orange mixed like spices, with hues of brown to soften a vibrant atmosphere.


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