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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

31st July 2014, Milan

Sensitive Fabrics presents Ready2Wear A/W 2015-16 collection

Feel the Fit Difference is the new concept introducing the Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter collection 2015-16 by Eurojersey, to be presented at the next edition of Première Vision, held in Paris from 16-18 September.

According to the company, the great performance offered by Sensitive Fabrics is said to create a skilful blend of tailoring, using the most advanced technologies like raw edge cutting, heat sealing, bonding and raw edges.

Worlds of inspiration

The Sensitive Fabrics range is said to allow the creation of garments that are suitable for every occasion, offering exclusive appeal and outstanding wearability, thanks to their functional properties of extra comfort, easy care and easy wear, wrinkle free surface, perfect fit and coordination between solid colours and printed patterns.

Grid theme. © Eurojersey/ Sensitive Fabrics

This complete collection can be used to create garments for a total look – light weight with Sensitive Plus, medium weight like the timeless and highly successful Sensitive Classic fabric, and embracing like the new Sensitive Sculpt.

There are four worlds of inspiration in the new Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collections – patterns that take shape on fabrics through traditional print methods (with contrasting or tone-on-tone pigments that accentuate the patterns against a solid colour background) and digital prints for more extravagant patterns, special textures and 3-D effects.


Psychedelic intersections of colours, weaves and chromatic flashes create geometrical plays of tone and form, and futuristic textures.

Meditation evocation theme. © Eurojersey/ Sensitive Fabrics

Touches of bright colours like pink, light green and aquamarine are juxtaposed with the classic winter tones of brick red, blue and purple.

Meditation evocation

This theme is a silent interpretation of shaped material, the expressive function of material in its pure form.

Classic and timeless theme. © Eurojersey/ Sensitive Fabrics

It is an active, independent essence of a physical presence defined by the use of classic, basic colours for meditative evocations.

Classic and timeless

A plunge into the past to rediscover old-school fashions classic, timeless themes. A style and a pattern reinterpreted with on-trend colours and warm, solid colours with a winter-time appeal.

Revised textures theme. © Eurojersey/ Sensitive Fabrics

Revised textures

Classic weaves and textures come vividly back to life with new geometries. Clean, neat and crisp lines on plays of colours create new, original contrasts.


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