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30th September 2015, Milan

Sensitive Fabrics to present new lingerie collection at Interfilière Shanghai

Eurojersey, a leading Italian manufacturer of warp knit fabrics, will present the 2016/17 Sensitive Fabrics Fall/Winter lingerie collection at the upcoming Interfilière Shanghai exhibition that takes place from 12-13 October.

Developed by the Eurojersey Creative Department, the latest trends and inspirations underlying the new lingerie collection are featured in four suggestive offerings, designed to enhance the qualities of elegance, femininity and sensuality.

Winter Garden. © Eurojersey

The collection puts the spotlight on the most advanced printing techniques, such as the increasingly sophisticated 3D Print, which reproduces textures with a high resolution and 3D effects, and EcoPrint technology, which is said to offer considerable advantages both from an aesthetic and an environmental perspective. It features Sensitive Plus, Sensitive Seric Plus, Sensitive Touch, Sensitive Sheer and Sensitive Classic fabrics.

Flawless Romanticism

Aesthetics, beauty and adornment are at the core of this trend. The textures and graphic elements – masterpieces of fine workmanship, valuable for their perfection and refinement – reproduce fine antique lace, embossed inlays and intangible reliefs.

Flawless Romanticism trend. © Eurojersey

The heritage from the past surprisingly comes to life through the use of 3D printing, according to the company. Contrasts and transparencies become ultra-sharp with the use of EcoPrint technology coloured pigments, also effective for a tone-on-tone look.

Functional Elegance

This trend represents dynamism, movement and style. From the harmony of active high-performing bodies, its inspirations range to the exceptional sophistication of shaped contours. A strong, schematic masculinity is interlaced with refined and delicate signs of femininity.

The cotton-like, textured appearance overlaps with elaborate transparencies and graceful veils, for a slight and unusual contrast. The cashmere and lace typical of lingerie is juxtaposed with more marked and distinct textures. Lush, striking designs accompany the smooth and pleasant texture.

Functional Elegance. © Eurojersey

The use of EcoPrint coloured pigments enhances the tone-on-tone effect, the contrast between opaque and transparent, and the dualism between solid colours and elegant lace. The colours are taken from industrial scenarios, with metal hues combining with earthy hints of ochre and bronze yellow, and with denim and mélange grey.

Winter Garden

This trend is inspired by environment, origin, authenticity and represents an expression of the cosmic and spontaneous essence of lush woods and forests. It features greenery inspired by Art Nouveau, rich with floral delights and luscious grandeur.

Winter Garden. © Eurojersey

The abstract dimensions created by 3D printing strengthen the opposition between solid colours and lace prints, between matt and silky shades. The colours are also borrowed from the botanical world, with dark wild greens, bright pink and burgundy, and blooming wisteria. The quality and performance of Sensitive Seric Plus enrich the brilliance of 3D printed lace.

New Eldorado

Boundaries, geographies and horizons are key concepts for this trend. Patterns and images are printed on the Sensitive Fabrics with EcoPrint technology, faithfully reproducing every detail. Borders and reliefs provide stunning visual effects alongside lace and graphic elements replicating the textures.

New Eldorado. © Eurojersey

Green, the key colour, chases burgundy, which is in turn transformed into copper, a mottled and precious mineral rock. The sheen is silky and reflective in the Sensitive Plus and Sensitive Sheer fabrics, while Sensitive Classic provides structure and functionality.


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