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Flat Knitting

Shima Seiki at Expotextil Peru 2023

Peruvian market is thought to be ready to invest in new technologies such as the company’s WHOLEGARMENT knitting.

20th October 2023

Knitting Industry
 |  Wakayama, Japan


Leading flat knitting solutions provider Shima Seiki in cooperation with its Peruvian sales representative STT Peru Import Srl., will exhibit at upcoming Expotextil Peru 2023 show in Lima, Peru.

Peruvian textiles exports are on the increase and the market is thought to be ripe for the implementation of new technology. To that end, Shima Seiki will exhibit its WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology that can knit an entire garment without the need for post-process sewing, through its MACH2VS WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine.

The flexible and versatile MACH2VS is capable of knitting a range of production styles, perfect for knitting companies looking for ways to distinguish their services in a competitive market. As a conventional shaping machine, it is capable of all-needle knitting in its available range of 8 to 18 gauge, while WHOLEGARMENT knitwear can be produced in half-gauge fabrics using every other needle. The range of usable yarn and material has increased as well, thanks to i-DSCS+DTC as standard equipment.

The R2CARRIAGE system that yields quicker carriage returns for greater efficiency, now features a lighter carriage for even higher productivity. MACH2VS is even capable of gaugeless knitting whereby a number of different gauges can be knit into a single garment. MACH2®VS will be on display at Expotextil Peru in 8 gauge.

The potential of Shima Seiki knitting machines are maximised in combination with the SDS- ONE APEX4 3D design system. At the core of the company’s Total Fashion System concept, SDS-ONE APEX4 provides comprehensive support throughout the apparel supply chain, integrating production into one smooth and efficient workflow from yarn development, product planning and design to production and even sales promotion.

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Especially effective is the capability to improve on the design and evaluation process with virtual sampling. Ultra-realistic simulation capability allows the use of virtual samples for evaluating design variations without producing actual samples for each variation, thereby minimizing the time, cost and resources normally required with sample-making, supporting smart, speedy and sustainable apparel production.

Shima Seiki at Expotextil Peru 2023

25- 29 October 2023

Jockey Exhibition Center, Avenida Javier Prado Este 4200 Lima, Peru

Booth: M12 (STT Peru Import Booth)

Further information

STT Peru Import Srl

Tel: +51 997585060

[email protected]

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