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9th July 2008

Shima Seiki - Knitting method of heel parts of socks

Applicant: Shima Seiki mfg (JP); Okamoto Kazuyoshi (JP)

Publication Date: 3 July 2008

Abstract of WO2008078623

A method for knitting socks each having a sufficient depth of heel without stretching the instep side of heel. When the heel parts of socks each having a first tubular part, a heel part, and a second tubular part is formed, the number of wales of a tubular fabric is increased using a knitting needle not latching the final stitch line of the first tubular part, partial knitting for reversing into C-shape alternately by a front needle bed and a rear needle bed is carried out, the knitting width is reduced by performing transfer for the increased knitting width and overlapping the stitches, and then the second tubular part is knitted, thus forming high fitness socks with no stretch.

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Knitting method of heel parts of socks

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