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17th April 2009

Shima Seiki: LAPIS warp weft hybrid flat knitting machine

A unique machine for creating unprecedented fine gauge fashion

LapisHeralded as a historic breakthrough in knitting technology, Shima Seiki’s original SPL of 1971 was the world’s first machine to offer warp insertion in a flat (weft) knitting machine. Now, Shima Seiki revolutionizes the industry once again by combining fully modernized warp insertion capability with the latest in weft shaping technology.

Introducing the new LAPIS® warp-weft hybrid knitting machine. Only the most advanced mechatronics engineering can realize such a sophisticated technological combination. The result is evident in the unique products LAPIS® can produce.

Multi-colour intarsia patterns can be combined with warp knitting patterns such as vertical stripes and warp jacquard to provide an unprecedented range of head-turning fabrics. Available in 10 and 12 gauge, LAPIS® allows today’s knit designers to explore entirely new creative opportunities with colourful fine gauge hybrid fabrics.

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