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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

3rd June 2010

Shima Seiki: NSES122CS

Shima Seiki NSES122CS garmentTwo original technologies for ideal coarse gauge knitting

The "CS" moniker of the NSES122CS stands for "Compound-Sinker" which symbolizes the marriage of two unique Shima Seiki technologies resulting in ideal coarse gauge knitting.

Compound needles are used for their short stroke and high stability suited for coarse gauge applications, while our patented spring-type sinker system greatly increases pattern variety and at the same time assures gentle fabric holddown.

Other features specifically developed for coarse gauge knitting such as the double racking mechanism, as well as brand new features such as the R2CARRIAGE and built-in controller enhance NSES122CS's capabilities, helping it to maintain its position as the industry benchmark for high-quality coarse gauge shaped knitting.

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