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3rd June 2010

Shima Seiki: NSIG122

Shima Seiki NSIG122 garment

The Global Standard for Intarsia Knitting

Shima Seiki’s NSIG is the new global standard for intarsia knitting machines, having inherited the know-how and experience accumulated over the years as the leading manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machines.

Productivity is increased with a maximum knitting speed of 1.4 meters per second, as well as with the R2CARRIAGE System that improves efficiency in carriage returns. It also carries over proven SHIMA SEIKI technology such as our renowned Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS), spring-loaded Full-Sinker System, Stitch Presser, Yarn Gripper and Cutter and Takedown Comb. Made-in-Japan quality, reliability, productivity, user-friendliness and cost-performance combine to satisfy the high expectations of the world's fashion industry.

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  • intrested buyer 20th August 2013 8:46AM

    how much do they cost?


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