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14th April 2009

Shima Seiki: SSG236SV/ SSG236SC/ SSG236FC

Six-system productivity with WideGauge® and WideTandem® versatility

SSG236VPart of the SSG®-line of Shima Seiki’s new generation of computerized fl at knitting machines, the SSG®236SV, SSG®236SC and SSG®236FC are versatile, high-speed machines featuring six knitting systems for very high productivity. Each features a 90-inch (229 centimetre) knitting width and tandem operation as a twin triple-system machine.

SSG® machines carry over such proven industrial benchmarks as the spring-type full sinker system (SV- and SC-type) and DSCS® Digital Stitch Control System as an option, while new technology such as the R2Carriage®, WideGauge® knitting (SV-type) and WideTandem™ capability offer even more versatility than ever before.

Other improvements include a built-in controller for space-efficiency, a lower height for ease of use, as well as improved cost performance and easier maintenance.

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