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19th March 2009

Shima Seiki: SWG FIRST


The next generation in computerized flat bed knitting

A synthesis of all of Shima Seiki’s experience and know-how, the SWG®-FIRST® series “Next Generation” computerized flatbed knitting machines offer tremendous capability previously unimagined in the world of knitting. Everything from full-fashioning, rib shaping to 3-dimensional shaping, as well as WHOLEGARMENT® production can be performed. This all-purpose capability is made possible through the development of our revolutionary new SlideNeedle™ which offers remarkable improvements in product quality, variety and productivity. Other features such as the Contra-Sinker, Pulldown Device and Yarn Carrier Kickback Device all contribute to even further distinction as the knitting machine for the 21st Century. FIRST® is available in three different bed-lengths, as well as triple- or four-cam versions for even more flexibility.

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