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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

19th June 2015, Wakayama

Shima Seiki to hold private show in Spain

Shima Seiki Spain S.A.U., Spanish subsidiary of a leading Japanese computerized knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki MFG., will hold a private exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

The exhibition will showcase the company’s latest Wholegarment knitting machine, based on its flagship MACH2X series. Featuring SlideNeedles mounted on four needlebeds, MACH2XS is the four-bed machine equipped with Shima Seiki’s original spring-loaded moveable sinker system.

MACH2X123 Wholegarment knitting machine. © Shima Seiki

This is said to allow unprecedented capability in Wholegarment knitting, especially in producing 3D fabric structures and flechage knitting, which can be applied to brand new ideas in knit fashion.

SSR112 shaping machine

To be displayed on the other end of the spectrum is the workhorse SSR112 shaping machine that inherits proven Shima Seiki technology such as the patented Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS), spring-loaded moveable sinker system, stitch presser, yarn gripper and cutter and takedown comb.

Made-in-Japan quality, reliability, productivity, user-friendliness and cost-performance combine to satisfy the high standards expected by today’s fashion industry, the manufacturer reports.

3D design system

Demonstrations will also be performed on Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system that is at the core of the company’s Total Knitting System concept.

With comprehensive support of all aspects throughout the knit supply chain, APEX3 integrates knit production into one smooth and efficient workflow from yarn development, product planning and design to machine programming, production and even sales promotion.

Especially effective is APEX3’s capability to improve on the planning process with Virtual Sampling, according to the company. Photo-realistic simulation capability is said to minimize the need for sample-making, effectively reducing time, material and cost from the sampling process.

Exhibition details

Date: Tuesday, 30 June ~ Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hours: 10:00AM ~ 6:00PM

Location: Recinte L’Escorxador

45 Carrer Prat de la Riba, 08700 Igualada, Barcelona, Spain

Exhibited technology

MACH2XS123 15L (WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Machine)

SSR112-SV 7G (Computerized Flat Knitting Machine)

SDS-ONE APEX3 (3D Design System)

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