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22nd September 2016, Wakayama

Shima Seiki to hold second Global 3D Knitting Seminar & Workshop in USA

Shima Seiki U.S.A. Inc., the US subsidiary of a leading Japanese flat knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki, will hold the second edition of its Global 3D Knitting Seminar & Workshop at its Showroom and Training Center located at the California Market Center in Los Angeles, CA, later this month.

On display will be the company’s cutting edge in computerized flat knitting technology, represented by the latest WHOLEGARMENT machines, computerized flat knitting machines, and a 3D apparel design system.

MACH2XS123 15L WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine. © Shima Seiki

Shima Seiki will also exhibit knitwear produced on its latest line of computerized knitting machines, including revolutionary seam-free WHOLEGARMENT knitwear that features superior fit, comfort and draping characteristics.

On display

The company will exhibit two versions of its flagship MACH2XS WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine in differing gauges and knitting widths. Featuring Shima Seiki’s original SlideNeedle on four needle beds and spring-type moveable sinkers, MACH2XS is said to offer high efficiency and stability with extended patterning capability while knitting WHOLEGARMENT items.

The compact SWG091N2 WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine will also be on display, offering flexible production, as well as the capability for producing technical textiles for sports, medical and other industrial applications, the company reports.

The novel SRY183LP computerized flat knitting machine features loop presser beds with inlay capability, offering new possibilities in knit-weave hybrid textiles. Conventional knitting machines, such as the compact SSR112 and workhorse SIR123 machine will also be on display to demonstrate the leading edge in computerized shaped knitting technology.

3D design system

The SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system, positioned at the core of Shima Seiki’s Total Fashion System concept, is designed to provide comprehensive support of the knit supply chain by integrating knit production into one smooth and efficient workflow from planning and design to machine programming, production and even sales promotion.

SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system. © Shima Seiki

Virtual Sampling through photo-realistic simulation is said to minimize the need for sample-making, effectively reducing time, material and cost from the sampling process. APEX3 also supports design and simulation in various other industries such as circular knitting, weaving, pile weaving and printing.


Exhibition: 2nd Global 3D Knitting Seminar & Workshop

Date: Tuesday, 27 ~ Thursday, 29 September, 2016

Hours: 9:00AM ~ 5:00PM

Venue: California Market Center

110 East Ninth Street Suite AL3, Los Angeles, CA 90079 U.S.A.

Tel: +1-213-630-3600


  • MACH2XS123 15L WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine
  • MACH2XS153 8L WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine
  • SWG091N2 10G WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine
  • SRY183LP-SV 12G Computerized flat knitting machine
  • SIR123-SV 7G Computerized flat knitting machine
  • SSR112-SV 7G Computerized flat knitting machine
  • SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system
  • WHOLEGARMENT knitwear and other knit samples

For more information please contact:

Shima Seiki U.S.A. INC.

Tel: +1 609-655-4788

Email: [email protected]


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  • Lucia Namubiru 23rd September 2016 3:04AM

    I am iinterested in seeing those shima sheiki machines of new technology. But am sorry I cant attend that exhibition because I have just got the information. How can I get another chance to see those machines ? I am a Ugandan lady owning a workshop of 7 hand flat knitting machines and 2 semi automatic (Indian make) but they were not of good quality and they have a lot of techinical problems there fore I want to change to shima sheiki.


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