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Smart socks from Lorpen for mountain running

Maximum T3 features combined with the Selective Layering System layer technology.

13th April 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Gipuzkoa, Spain

Hosiery/​Socks, Sports/​Activewear

Lorpen, a leading outdoor socks brand, has designed some highly technical trail running socks for this spring-summer in which it applies its Selective Layering System (SLS) to its other T3 (3 layers of different yarn) technology. That way the brand combines yarns by areas depending on the needs of trail running to build a smart sock for running in the mountains.  

Lorpen has two models for trail running in its SS 2021 collection - the T3 women's/men's Trail Running and the T3 women’s/men’s Trail Running Padded - the later has padding on the entire sole. They're manufactured with Coolmax and Tencel, which is said to guarantee cooler and drier feet because the technologies (perfect for hot weather) reduce foot humidity. Consequently, they also reduce the potential for irritation during long and intense activities and minimize blisters and bacterial growth around the toes, explains Lorpen.

T3 women’s Trail Running Padded © Lorpen

“They are, certainly, premium quality socks that are completely reinforced, extremely durable and keep your feet cool and protected during long days of trail running,” the company says.

The socks are a testament to the know-how of the brand, which has been located in Etxalar, a small village near the Pyrenees in Spain’s Basque Country, for more than 30 years where it manufactures the socks that it distributes around the world.

A pioneer in developing T3 technology, the brand claims to be the first to use three different layers in a single sock, which it says has put it at the top of this market niche as leaders of the segment.

Lorpen also claims to be a pioneer in using a flat seam on the toe, thanks to a stitch-to-stitch seam, which is something it says only it can do at its Etxalar plant. “Specializing in just one product and the passion they make their socks with, where craft and innovation are combined, means they're the brand chosen by the most demanding athletes looking for the best performance. This is because Lorpen socks provide transportability, protection and maximum compression to guarantee cooler and drier feet than when you wear other socks,” a Lorpen spokesperson said. 

T3 men’s Trail Running Padded © Lorpen

 Lorpen is a leading brand brands of technical socks designed for outdoor activities, particularly skiing, mountaineering and ‘alpinism’. A leader at the international level, established in North America and present in more than 60 countries through agents and distributors, in recent years its sales levels have had an upward trend. Around 70% of its sales currently come from outside of Spain. Lorpen also sponsors high-level athletes like Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Alberto Iñurrategi. 

In 2014, Lorpen became part of the Ternua Group, a company specializing in the design, production and distribution of technical sportswear and street wear, which also includes the Ternua, Astore and Loreak Mendian brands.  

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