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24th February 2010

Colosio XP6: electronic single cylinder sock knitting machine

Full electronic single-cylinder machine for the production of men’s, women’s and children’s socks

Production features:

Plain sock with 5 colours per course motif

2 colours jacquard in 2 feeds

2 colours filet stitch in 2 feeds

Tri-dimensional pattern on plain or terry sock

Simple and double welt + 5 colours motif + tri-dimensional

3 ground colours with their plating changes on the same sock

Terry + 5 colours motif on the same course

Cushion sole and shaped terry in 5 colours

Tri-dimensional rings and hooks

Technical features:

Memory on board for 10 different articles

Production of 3 different articles, alternatively

Transfer of a new article during working cycle

No mechanical change from plain to terry

Fast heel and toe without picker

Double device for quality stitch control (tights)

Adjustable speed of the cutter saw

DAV (speed increasing device


Suction fan

Electronic yarn control (BTSR)

Yarn feeder

Positive feeder

Personal computer

Software design (Windows system)

Socks turner




Click image for further information and full technical specification

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