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Unifi unveils new Profiber brand

Unifi has also announced the launch of the company’s new branding, which highlights its commitment to the development of sustainable performance fibres.

24th July 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Greensboro, NC


Unifi is leading the way in sustainable performance with Repreve, a leader in branded recycled fibre. © Unifi Unifi, a textile solutions provider and a leading innovator in manufacturing synthetic and recycled performance fibres, has announced the launch of the company’s new True Innovation Starts in the Fiber branding, which highlights Unifi’s commitment to the development of innovative and sustainable performance fibres backed by a flexible, global supply chain. 

Unifi is also introducing its new Profiber brand that provides options to integrate multiple performance Tru-technologies into polyester and nylon yarns that deliver increased fabric comfort, performance and functionality. Unifi unveiled its new branding and positioning while showcasing its focus on performance apparel and activewear through innovative combinations of functional benefits at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, which takes place in Denver, CO, this week.

“We are excited to show outdoor brands and retailers ways in which they can combine a wide range of Unifi Tru-technologies with our leading Profiber virgin and Repreve recycled yarns that offer multiple performance benefits,” said Richard Gerstein, Executive Vice President of global branded premium value-added products and Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer for Unifi.

“Meaningful innovation happens when you can integrate garment design and functionality with unique combinations of technologies that are embedded in the fibre. Our goal is to help inspire those who design and develop new products to innovate at the fibre level to achieve differentiated performance, comfort and style.”

As part of the new branding, Unifi has repositioned its performance technologies to be benefit focused, making it easier for customers to select the properties that are most important to their consumers. Unifi’s proprietary Tru-technologies are designed to offer a wide range of performance properties such as wicking, thermal comfort, full coverage, bounce, stretch, sun protection and water resistance.

“Consumers want reliable performance that lasts the life of the garment, and that’s why we strive to deliver options with our high-quality fibre and technology platforms,” said Jay Hertwig, Group Vice President of Global Brand Sales. “By offering a wide range of products focused on benefits, we can help our customers create innovative fabrics that solve everyday problems and meet and exceed their consumers’ expectations.”

Unifi is also leading the way in sustainable performance with Repreve, a leader in branded recycled fibre. Through its proprietary U Trust verification programme, Repreve is one of the most trusted and certified earth-friendly fibres in the world. High-quality, recycled yarns are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles, pre-consumer waste or a hybrid blend of both.

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