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8th July 2011, Leicester

Strong demand for good quality used circular knitting machines

Warner Textile Machinery Ltd, Leicester, UK

UK based circular knitting machine dealer Warner Textile Machinery Ltd is seeking good quality used circular knitting machines to meet current strong demand from customers around the world.

Warner Textile Machinery is a family run business established in the 1960's, which specialises in machinery for the circular knitting industry. The company's knowledge of used machinery from all of the leading machinery manufacturers is considerable and it has many contacts in all parts of the world, allowing it to understand customers' specific needs and source exactly the right equipment for the work each customer does.

Demand outstripping supply

Warner Textile Machinery carries a large stock of used machines at its Leicester, United Kingdom warehouse but recently demand has been outstripping supply for good quality used circular knitting machines from the leading machines builders such as Mayer & Cie., Monarch and Orizio.

Managing Director, Neil Warner explains:

"I have in the past been able to source good used equipment from out of either the UK or Europe but recently these sources have started to dry up. Maybe this is because we have exhausted them and also because there has been a big shift of new machines being sold to Asia where the demand has been, leaving used equipment in the West in short supply."

" I think there must still be mills around who we are not in contact with who have machines to sell or are in a position where they are possibly looking to close but need to sell the plants in one lot," Mr Warner adds.

Machines of interest

Warner Textile Machinery is interested in the following machine types at the moment but would be interested to receive offers of all good used equipment from sellers:

Orizio John/C, 30" diameter, 28 gauge, 90 feed

Mayer MBF 3.2, 30-34" diameter, 20 gauge

Mayer OV 3.2, 30" diameter, 28 gauge

Mayer OVJA 48E, 30" diameter, 18 gauge

Monarch V-LEC 6, 30" diameter, 18 gauge, 60 feed

Monarch V7E00, 30" diameter, 28 gauge, 72 feed

Monarch V7IR, 30" diameter, 28 gauge, 54 feed

Double Jersey 28 gauge, 8 lock

Double Jersey Jacquard, 24-28 gauge

Single Jersey Jacquard machines with minijac and Electronic jacquard

Warner Textile Machinery says it has many enquiries for used machines and asks to be kept updated of any surplus machines mills may have for sale.

Additional services offered

In addition, the company tests machines and carries out conversions and modifications to customers' requirements. It is also able to supply accessories including new gauge change conversions, yarn feed devices, elastomeric units and a variety of spare parts.

Warner offers installation and relocation of machinery and has shipped machines to most countries. In the past few years it has also worked with its customers in many applications of knitted fabrics including apparel, automotive, fashion, technical textiles, mattress and healthcare textiles.

Warner Textile Machinery

Magna Road

South Wigston


LE18 4ZH

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)116 278 7578

Fax: +44 (0)116 278 7588Email: [email protected]



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